Best pet-friendly restaurants in Saigon

As a pet owner, what do you look for in a suitable restaurant? We're here to make some recommendations that serve delicious food, have nice decorations and most importantly, they're all pet-friendly restaurants in Saigon.

Photo by Alvan Nee / Unsplash

Traveling with your pets is a great experience; you sure want to make the most of every moment with them. As a pet owner, what do you look for in a suitable restaurant? We're here to make some recommendations that serve delicious food, have lovely decorations, and most importantly, they're all pet-friendly restaurants in Saigon. Your pets are welcomed at the places below; remember to have them within your proximity for the convenience of others.


  • Outdoor restaurant or outdoor space
  • Pets are allowed

Phở Thìn by Sol

  • Address: 37 Xuân Thuỷ Street, Thảo Điền Ward, District 2, Thủ Đức City.
  • Opening hour: 6:30am - 9:30pm
  • Prices: from 70,000 VND ($3.00)
Various outdoor seats / Jessi Trinh

Phở Thìn By Sol is the first franchise in Ho Chi Minh City to claim to legally have the official recipe of "Phở Thìn Lò Đúc" - one of the most famous and age-old Phở restaurants in Hanoi. The franchise has many branches, but the location in District 2 is the most open and familiar with pets.

They have two separate spaces for indoor and outdoor seats. The inner room is suitable for private groups or families, with comfy sofas and air-conditioning. If you come with your pets, it would be best to take a seat in the courtyard. Your pets are allowed to sit on the chairs if you want. Besides, they can have fun with their "peers" because many locals bring their pets here to have breakfast in the morning.

"Phở tái lăn" - a signature at the restaurant / Foody

‌In terms of cuisine, this restaurant is well-known for Phở cuisine is marinated and stir-fried before being served over rice noodles with broth and plenty of green onions. Es. There are various versions of Phở available here, ranging from traditional to fusion, such as stir-fried Phở, Wagyu beef Phở, Phở Hot Pot, and so on. Phở tái lăn, the restaurant's signature dish, is highly recommended. Tái lăn is a traditional phở from Hanoi. ‌

Secret Garden

  • Address: 131 Calmette Street, Nguyễn Thái Bình Ward, District 1, HCMC
  • Opening hour: 7:00am - 10:00pm
  • Prices: from 80,000 VND ($3.50)
An excellent choice for green lovers / Secret Garden 131 Calmette Branch

Secret Garden is a Vietnamese restaurant which is popular among expatriates and tourists. Their first restaurant is located in an old building's rooftop on Pasteur Street; it is pretty small and does not have elevators. In the last few years, they operated a new branch at 131 Calmette Street, Nguyễn Thái Bình Ward, District 1, hidden in a lovely garden. This location is spacious, clear, eco-friendly, has a cozy ambiance, and most of all, it's a pet-friendly restaurant.

Secret Garden is an outdoor restaurant, including the private rooms so it could be  uncomfortable in Saigon's hot days, even though they have fans.

Authentic Vietnamese cuisines at Secret Garden / Secret Garden 131 Calmette Branch

Secret Garden provides a concept of home-cooked Vietnamese cuisine with a diverse menu covering dishes from various regions of Vietnam. Customers have recently recommended pine nut soup and pork sausages due to their incredible flavor. The restaurant also offers a vegetarian menu with a variety of options. However, vegan cuisine is not regarded as highly as meat dishes.

Customers consider it reasonable if you plan to visit Ho Chi Minh City and want a superb Vietnamese meal with your pets; this place deserves a try. Secret Garden's prices are medium-high, but as for the services and food quality, customers consider it reasonable. Reserve your tables in advance for the best experience.

Mad House

  • Address: 6/1/2 Nguyễn Ư Dĩ Street, Thảo Điền Ward, District 2, Thủ Đức City.
  • Opening hour: 9:00am - 10:00pm
  • Prices: from 125,000 VND ($5.40)
Spacious room with both indoor and outdoor seats / MAD House

MAD House is a café and restaurant situated in a large mansion in Thảo Điền area, a popular neighborhood for foreigners. Your pets are welcomed and they will love tables over the pool or inside a lovely garden.

They are able to relax and enjoy the vibrant ambiance while you're having meals with friends or family. With MAD House's spacious area, you can easily find a suitable seat, from air-conditioned indoor rooms to open-air outside seating arrangements.

B.Y.O seafood platter at MAD House / MAD House

MAD House is a Western-style restaurant that serves delectable cuisine, wine, and cocktails. This restaurant is well-known for its high-quality classic MAD burger; according to many expats, MAD House's burgers are among the top-notch in Saigon.

Otherwise, pancakes are not considered good enough since they are too dry. If you enjoy seafood, come on Thursday because the restaurant has a special promotion called "Build Your Own Seafood Platter" every Thursday beginning at 4:00pm. Cocktail happy hour is also available daily from 3:00pm to 7:00pm.

This is a frequent place for foreigners to gather in the neighborhood. You should book tables in advance to secure your seats.

Mekong Merchant Saigon

  • Address: 23 Thảo Điền Street, Thảo Điền Ward, District 2, Thủ Đức City.
  • Opening hour: 7:00am - 11:00pm
  • Prices: from 125,000 VND ($5.40)
Beautiful open courtyard in the evening / Mekong Merchant Saigon

Mekong Merchant is is a European bistro, opened in 2004, in the heart of Thảo Điền community. This place is designed to look like a cozy home, complete with indoor tables for those who want to hide from Saigon's heat and a tranquil courtyard in the center that is well-suited to pet owners.

The tables are well spaced, which makes enough of a private zone for customers, accommodated by friendly, handy and attentive staff. One of the best pet-friendly restaurants in town for leisurely meals, laid-back moments, and a buzzing escape from the city's mayhem.

Super Salad! Smoked Chicken together with Mixed Grains and Kale Avocado Sprouts / Mekong Merchant Saigon

A dining venue has not only delicious food but also impressive coffee and the best-priced wine. Mekong Merchant has received positive feedback for its mostly Western-style dishes made with locally sourced and homemade ingredients. In addition to a fixed menu, the chef offers weekly specials to refresh the palate and introduce new experiences to patrons.

If you're interested in the restaurant, don't miss their cocktail happy hour on Friday from 4:00pm to 7:00pm. It is recommended that you reserve tables for the most enjoyment. Pizza is also one of the most favored choices from regulars.

The place is one of the splendid pet-friendly restaurants for weekend brunch, especially proposed by locals and expats.

The  Refinery

  • Address: 74 Hai Bà Trưng Street, Bến Nghé Ward, District 1, HCMC
  • Opening hour: 11:00am - 11:00pm
  • Prices: from 105,000 VND ($4.50)
The inspiration came from the Parisian bistro tradition. / Megavina

The Refinery is a French brasserie and wine bar in downtown Ho Chi Minh City, located in the opium factory of Indochina which was built in 1881. Aside from the interior, the restaurant has a large terrace where outdoor tables with covers can be set up in case of rain.

This old-style Frenchrestauranto is popular among tourists and foreigners who love French cuisine. Everyone is welcome, including your beloved pets. Outdoor seats are ideal for nature lovers and, surely, pet owners. If you decide to take your pets, contact the restaurant ahead of time to reserve suitable outside tables.

The famous Niçoise with homemade swordfish gravlax / The Refinery

The Refinery is loved for its appealing menu and food quality consistency. The restaurant provides old-fashioned French dishes at an acceptable price. One of their best-sellers is the famous salad Niçoise, with homemade swordfish gravlax and just enough dressing to amplify the entire palate.

They also design a set lunch menu with options of two or three courses at more affordable prices; that's why the restaurant is usually busy at lunch time.