The best Mekong Delta Tours to truly enjoy the local vibe

Imagine being dragged from one attraction to the next, fighting on the boat with other tourists for space on a small canal. You are stuck with a guide that does not care or even ask about your dietary needs. The reality is many tours of the Mekong Delta will give you an experience opposite to what your dream escape to a tropical wonderland should be.


The Mekong Delta, known as the Nine-Dragon Delta by the locals, is a fertile agricultural land producing most of the nation's food for domestic consumption and export. Because people enjoy relatively stable living conditions and have developed an optimistic attitude and a distinctly laid-back lifestyle, located just a few hours drive from Ho Chi Minh City, this area will delight you with its stunning greenery or tasty coconut drinks.

For these reasons, the suitable Mekong Delta tour should take you to the heart of this region, where you can truly enjoy the fresh countryside atmosphere, a peaceful sampan ride down the canals, and authentically interact with locals. Prepare to immerse yourself in a lifestyle unlike yours on our authentic Mekong Delta tours!

The best Mekong Delta tour: Discover a new way of life

The Mekong Delta is an incredibly unique place to explore, but figuring out the area's logistics yourself can be a headache. Choosing which tour operator to rely on is equally as hard because of the countless tourist traps in the area. The exploitation of local services is standard, as well.

Save yourself the hassle and make the most of your time in the Mekong Delta with the help of local guides. They are native to the region, guaranteeing an insightful and authentic experience!

"What will be, will be"

The Mekong Delta was dubbed the 'rice bowl of Vietnam because the area contributes to more than half of the nation's rice production. The locals primarily work in agriculture and aquaculture. Because of this, there is always an abundance of food, so their life expectations are simple, laid-back, and optimistic. Although many people from younger generations now move to the city to pursue a different and urbaner life, this same positive attitude goes with them. You may appreciate life even more as you get to know your local guide and understand this perspective.

No other tourists in sight

More than 20 million travelers come to the region yearly, most of which are repeatedly dragged to the same provinces. While the Mekong Delta comprises about a dozen areas, visitors are brought to the same villages and engage in the same activities set up expressly for tourism. Meanwhile, the locals who provide these services (like the boat and tuk-tuk drivers) only get a small portion of what you pay.

Choosing a responsible way to travel will benefit both you and the locals. On our many Mekong Delta tours, you will explore unique and beautiful provinces where you can observe how the locals go about their day in a responsible way. What could be better than that?

Or you can spice up your Mekong Delta experience into something more unrivaled and extraordinary with a Mekong luxury tour. Imagine voyaging down the majestic Mekong River aboard a private cruise, where every amenity is tailored to your desires, waking up to breathtaking views of the tranquil Delta, surrounded by pristine landscapes, as your personal butler tends to your every need.

Paddle away all of your worries.

The mighty Mekong River nurtures the fertile soil of this region. It spreads into thousands of smaller arteries before flowing into the sea. Riding down this stunning waterway is one local activity you can not miss out on. You will be surrounded by gorgeous palm trees and awe-worthy mangrove forests along the way.

Floating markets: the icon of the region

Some people feel that visiting the Mekong Delta is incomplete without seeing one of the renowned floating markets. That is understandable since floating markets have existed in this region for over 100 years! These markets initially began as a way for locals to trade goods because the road system had not yet been developed.

As a result of rapid economic development, however, local people no longer rely on these markets. Only a few floating markets remain, and all have shrunk in size, but tourists are still intrigued by these water bazaars.

Be spontaneous!

Since you will be accompanied by people born in the region, you will get to listen to exciting stories as your local guide tells you more about themselves and their childhood in this unique region of Vietnam.

During your experience, you may visit an elementary school for a short visit with the children or even be invited to a local wedding! You can also spend the afternoon swinging leisurely in a hammock if that's what you wish for. You never know what spur-of-the-moment events will occur during your trip, so leave some room for spontaneity. It will definitely spice up your trip and make for some unforgettable memories!

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