You might have never heard about Hoi An's best beaches?

Hoi An’s beaches are a significant draw and welcome addition to the old town, particularly during the hot, humid summer months. How many Hoi An best beaches do you know?

Discover Hoi An best beaches. Photo by theculturetrip

Hoi An is a popular tourist destination because of its authentic-looking streets and striking yellow buildings. But its proximity to some of the world's most beautiful beaches makes it such an appealing place to visit. Let Local Insider guide you through the Hoi An best beaches.

When to visit Hoi An best beaches

The high season on Hoi An beach, known as the "dry season," lasts from March to September. sunsDaily temperatures can exceed 30 degrees Celsius in the summer months of June and July. These months have the best weather, with plenty of suns and calm water.

In October, the rainy season begins. Stormy weather with the risk of flooding is expected in November.

TIP: Between February and May, when the combination of heat and humidity has not yet begun, is the best time to visit the Hoi An beach. Because Hoi An is on Vietnam's east coast, you can catch some spectacular sunrises if you get to the beach early enough. If you don't want to get up so early, you can always stay in one of the beachside hotels and watch the sunrise from your balcony.

Which is the Hoi An best beach?

Hoi An beaches are a single line of coast divided into distinct areas. There is something for everyone, whether you want a thrill from parasailing, a sun lounger, cocktails, or to get away from the crowd.

An Bang Beach - A pristine beach of Hoi An

An Bang beach - The most beautiful beach in Hoi An. Photo by Westminster Locksmith

  • Location: 5 kilometers away from Hoi, An ancient town, 30 kilometers away from Da Nang International Airport
  • Transportation: taxi, motorbike, bicycle
  • Travel duration: 10 minutes away from Hoi, An ancient town
  • Activities: sightseeing, relaxing, surfing
  • Suitable for travelers: solo, couple, family, group
  • Facilities: Water sports, bars, restaurants, resorts.

An Bang Beach is Hoi An's most beautiful beach, and as a result, it is also the busiest. CNN named the beach one of the top 100 best beaches in the world in 2016.

Why it's worth a try?

An Bang Beach was once a fishing village. It is now one of the few beaches not only in Hoi An but also in Vietnam that has remained pristine and unspoiled by tourism development, which is precious and appreciated. Bang Beach is characterized by a large white sand beach, blue sky, and blue water. The weather is pleasant and beautiful.

There are many high-quality seafront resorts, bars, and restaurants along the coast. An Bang Beach was ranked 22nd out of the 25 most beautiful beaches in South East Asia in 2018, according to TripAdvisor readers. An Bang Beach is gaining popularity year after year.

What to do on An Bang Beach

  • Go sightseeing and relax.

Most people visit An Bang Beach to go sightseeing, walk or bike along the coast, hang out on the beach or lie on a lounger reading a book, build a sand castle under the beautiful sunset, or do anything else that relaxes and recharges them.

Surfing is a less famous but worthwhile experience if you are interested. On An Bang Beach, a surfing community is run by ex-pats willing to teach you how to surf. Rental boards are also available.

  • Eating seafood specialties

In front of the beach is a row of restaurants where you can enjoy An Bang seafood. Some visitors believe that the seafood on An Bang Beach is the most delicious and reasonably priced of any beach in Hoi An, Vietnam.

How do you get there?

Hoi An Ancient Town is seven kilometers away from An Bang Beach. This Hoi An beach is accessible by bike or motorcycle. Parking at the beach's entrance costs VND 10,000 per day. Alternatively, you can take a five-minute taxi ride for about VND 80,000.

Cua Dai Beach - Top 18 most beautiful beaches in Asia

Cua Dai Beach - An ideal spot for swimming and relaxing in Hoi An. Photo by Agoda

  • Location: 5 kilometers away to the East of Hoi, An ancient town, 30 kilometers away from Da Nang International Airport, 30 kilometers away from Da Nang train station
  • Travel duration: 10 minutes away from Hoi, An ancient town, 45 minutes away from Da Nang International Airport
  • Transportation: private car, taxi, motorbike, bicycle
  • Activities: water sports, sightseeing, fishing
  • Suitable for travelers: solo, family, couples
  • Facilities: Few restaurants

Cua Dai Beach is 5 kilometers away from Hoi An and thus closer than An Bang. It's nice to get to the beach early in the morning to watch the fishing boats sail away to sell their catch to the beach restaurants.

Why should you travel to Cua Dai Beach?

With its fresh and cool air and low and gentle waves, Cua Dai Beach is an ideal spot for swimming and relaxing in Hoi An. Walking or lying on a peaceful beach with the wind blowing over your face is an incredible way to truly de-stress and unwind.

Cua Dai Beach is stunning throughout the day. Visitors can get up early in the morning and walk along the coast, admiring the beautiful sunrise. Swimming, floating, and sports are best done in the afternoon.

Cua Dai Beach is one of five UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Vietnam. Cua Dai Beach was also named one of Asia's top 18 beaches.

What to do at Cua Dai Beach

  • Playing water sports

Cua Dai beach in Hoi An is quiet and calm, with low and light waves, making it ideal for water sports such as floating and swimming. It would be suitable if you played in groups and shared unforgettable moments.

  • Riding bicycles

Cua Dai Beach is quickly becoming a popular destination for newlyweds. Because Cua Dai Beach is only 5 kilometers away from Hoi An Old Quarter, many visitors prefer to rent a bicycle in Hoi An and ride to the beach. Riding a tandem along the coast in the sun allows them to feel close to one another.

  • Going fishing

Tourists who want to go fishing have two options. They can first buy or rent a fishing rod from a shop near the beach, then go fishing along the coast. Tourists looking for something new and challenging can rent a small ship from a fisherman and set out to sea. It must be a fantastic experience to be a real fisher in the ocean.

  • Enjoying seafood

Cua Dai Beach is a source of diverse seafood because it is the confluence of three major rivers. Squids fried with fish sauce and grays grilled with lemongrass and turmeric are two popular specialties on Cua Dai Beach. Remember to enjoy the local cuisine because it is delicious, unique, and an integral part of the culture.

How do you get there?

Hoi An is within cycling distance of the beach. You can also take a scooter or taxi to the beach. Parking is simple.

Binh Minh beach - the dawn beach in Hoi An

Binh Minh beach - A great place to unwind and recharge. Photo by sgtiepthi

  • Location: 12 kilometers away from Hoi An
  • Transportation: motorbike, taxi
  • Travel duration: about 20 minutes by taxi away from Hoi An
  • Activities: swimming, sightseeing, eating seafood
  • Suitable for travelers: solo, couple, family

Binh Minh beach is known for having some of the most beautiful sunrises in the area, and while you're there, you can't miss the Cham Islands just across the horizon.

Why should you travel to Binh Minh Beach?

Binh Minh Beach is a small beach in Hoi An, measuring 3 kilometers and 100 meters in width. Binh Minh translates to "Dawn" or "Sunrise." Early morning is ideal for exploring Binh Minh Beach because the sunrise is spectacular. That is where the name Binh Minh originates. This is a great place to unwind and recharge.

What to do on Binh Minh Beach

The beach has gentle slopes, clean water, gentle waves, and beautiful sun, making it an ideal location for swimming and watersports. This is precisely why summer exists.

Visit fishers' villages near Binh Minh Beach to learn more about people's daily lives. Squids are the most popular seafood on Binh Minh Beach.

How to get there

Binh Minh Beach is 12 kilometers away from Hoi An in Quang Nam Province and can be reached by motorbike or taxi.

Final thought

Hoi An beaches are buzzing with activity—whatever your energy level, there is something for everyone. We believe the Hoi An best beaches will differ from a typical beach vacation. So, while in town, make a trip to the beach.