Why you should visit Undara national park once in your lifetime.

Australia is known as a paradise of living, rich and wildlife. Have you heard about this wonderful country? As one of the world's largest continents, this ideal resort destination, complete  with admirable beaches and magnificent resorts, is also known as “the golden land” and is home to some of the most exotic and lovely animals in the world. Australia is also well- known for the diverse and enormous ecosystem of national parks here. If you are a lover of travel and want to discover new things, or you’re simply curious about experiencing wild beauty, mysterious adjacent the famous sights you have heard so much in magazines and TV shows, you should go to Undara National Park!

Undara National Park is home to some of the world’s most unique creatures

Located in northern Queensland of Australia is Undara National Park, which covers an area of 160 square kilometers, Undara possesses a vast prairie wilderness along with the immense variety of species of creatures here. In the 25 years since its founding in 1993, the Undara National Park has been one of the first national parks to preserve the dawn of wildness. Undara National Park is known as a "volcanic national park" because of the dense distribution of more than 160 volcanoes across the park's surface, so the climate is quite harsh and variable, contributing to a wide variety of minerals present, such as moonstone, topaz, quartz ...

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With its unique formation, the Undara National Park is home to some of the world's most unique creatures. When the volcanoes erupted some 189,000 years ago, lava flows brought nutrients into the lower valleys that were absorbed by soil to make a fertile layer that, when combined with the tropical climate, created a diverse and plentiful flora and fauna system. Indeed, visiting the site is one of the best things to do in Cairns.Undara possesses a vast and varied ecosystem, sharing that characteristic with other parks protected by the Australian Government. Where Undara draws contrast, however, is in its lava cave system, creating strange and uniquely shaped caves that have been thousands of years in the making. The dark, wet environments of the caves have forced creatures to adapt to survive in these harsh climates, while the high level of carbon dioxide has diminished the density of plants in the area; save a few resident species. Besides, you have an opportunity to examine fossils of the Asian autochthon who used to live here before being invaded by colonialists. Therefore, if you love archaeology and antiquities, Undara national park will be an ideal destination for you.Read more: Australian Aboriginal Culture in Cairns

Marvellous scenery of Undara lava tubes

Undara national park, also known as the Undara volcanic national park, contains one of the most terrible volcanic eruptions in history, where more than 23 billion liters of lava were released and temperature rose up 1200 degrees. Lava flows destroyed most of the rocks and reformed them in convexo-concave shapes. The impact extended across Atherton Tableland and the massive lava flows later rapidly cooled to form fossilized tubular layers of many sizes and shapes that are fascinating to many visitors.

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Over the years the shape of some lava caves has been deformed, changed, collapsed, while others are being used by scientists to further our understanding of geology, ecology and archaeology. Many unique and rare creatures were found in some lava tubes, especially lava caves where the amount of carbon dioxide is staggering, as much 200 times as usual amount. However, many caves are still open to many visitors and explore their majestic beauty, just be sure to follow the guidance of a tour guide.The useful tip I would like to recommend, is that the sightseeing will be marvellous if you arrive at the edges of the day, especially during dawn and sunset in Undara National Park. In the morning, you should wake up and have a walk around because the fresh atmosphere is extremely good for you, while songs of the birds make you feel at ease and blur afflictions. When the sun begins to rise, it’s a good time for you to explore every landscape in Undara national park, including the Undara lava tubes that are illuminated by the fresh sunshine. The sunset also provides a great romantic backdrop. If you come here with your sweetheart, take them to watch the purple firmament together.

How to get to Undara park from Cairns

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About 300 km southwest of the Cairns city center, the Undara National Park exists as a natural "promised land" without the intervention of "science", "civilization", or "human" anything. It takes about 4 hours to drive from Cairns to the Undara national park, so unless you book your tour itinerary, you have to prepare carefully for this trip, keeping in mind things such as gasoline, food, personal appliances, and even unexpected situations that can occur during journey. The shortest route to Undara national park is driving along the Kennedy Highway or the Savannah Way, as it is a sealed road and an easy drive. Occasionally you may catch wild animals crossing the road suddenly so be aware and on alert when encountering these situations.

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When getting there, the first thing that visitors usually look for is accommodation to rest and to eat. Because the national park needs to be protected, restaurant, hotel or entertainment activities are not well developed, so dormitory types are chosen by many travelers to experience and get themselves into the natural life here. Many places also offer tents for camping in the park, organizing outdoor BBQ parties and relaxing in the pools at the resort to forget stress, tiredness after a visit to Undara national park. In addition, if you would like to challenge yourself for a new thing, many resorts offer guests the chance to rest in train carriages, which have been maintained since the 1980s.

Some tips for a trip to Undara National Park

For the best trip to Undara National Park, you must prepare the essentials for your trip and be sure to check out the list of useful tips for this exciting discovery.

  • You should prepare the necessary supplies for discovering forest journey such as gloves, visor, hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, specialized shoes or boots for hiking or climbing, because if you want to see the beauty of the lava tubes you have to climb a lot.
  • Wear an outfit that is breathable and comfortable, because there’s a good chance you’ll be moving around a lot and sweating as you explore one of the oldest national parks in the world.
  • Make sure you bring plenty of water, the harsh climates can dehydrate you if you are not routinely drinking water!
  • Listen to the tour guide, there’s a lot to learn from their experience!

I hope that you find the above information useful in giving you a general view of Undara national park. If you are a nature lover and desire to explore the wonders, check out Undara national park! Contact us for the best services and deals on tours.