Top 10 Countries To Move During Trump's Presidency

8th November 2016 really not your day? First, the news of the Trump win ruins your night (and maybe your year). Then, just as you are joining the millions googling ‘move to Canada’, your Twitter explodes with the news of the Canadian immigration website crash. Fear not, Canada is not the only country to live in for Americans. For those who cannot tolerate president-elect Trump, these are top 10 countries to live. Yes, there are drawbacks to emigrating away from your friends and family, but flights are cheap, and you only ever speak to them through internet messaging apps anyway.

1. Canada

inspitrip countries for american to live vancouver

You may still have the chance. They are working on fixing the immigration site as we speak. Your slightly colder northern neighbour can offer many perks not available in much of the US. These include; low crime rates, free health care and high standard of living to name but a few. The only down side is having to leave behind American football and pick your favourite hockey team instead (Although according to the the national twitter account for Canada; “immigrants are encouraged to bring their cultural traditions with them and share them with their fellow citizens").

2. Australia

inspitrip countries for american to live bondi beach

Australia is soon to be one of the safest countries to live in thanks to it’s distance away from the nuclear war which may take place now Trump’s finger is over the trigger. This Land Down Under is well known for its beautiful beaches and peaceful environment. One can draw many similarities between the terrain of the outback and the American mid west. The ease of life here cannot be disputed with many Aussie cities consistently voted the best place to live. The only disadvantage is the large, and potentially deadly spiders here. Although you may also experience confusion when you first flush a toilet and see the water move in the opposite direction.

3. Denmark

inspitrip countries for american to live denmark

Trumpgate got you down in the dumps? Not sure you can ever shake the sadness? Fear not, Denmark can lift your spirits. This country has recently been reported as the happiest in the world. There are around 1.5 million Americans with Danish ancestry too, so dig deep and you may be able to find your claim to citizenship. The only downside is the winters. The Danes love affair with the bicycle is not held back by the bitter winds so you better get yourself kitted out with some thermals if you want to chose this country for your new home.

4. Sweden

inspitrip countries for american to live sweden

Trumps bigotry made you disappointed enough in your electorate to leave? What better country to choose than Sweden, the country where women are respected as equal and this is reflected in their rights. Here, you will find, the highest percentage of working mothers in the developed world. In Sweden paternity leave is just as generous as maternity and their parliament has recently been debating changing half the pedestrian lights to women figures. The only side effect of living here is the jealousy you may encounter being surrounded by beautiful people everywhere you go.

5. HongKong

inspitrip countries for american to live hongkong

For those who work in finance, HongKong is the best option for you. As the largest financial hub in Asia, HongKong has the most skyscrapers and most efficient subway system in the world. The only downsize for this relocation is the cost of living; even a marriage in McDonalds here sets you back $2000. Although this does apparently, include the wedding dress.

6. Singapore

inspitrip countries for american to live singapore

Trump’s threat to World ‘Peace’ got you the most worried about his coming term? Why not move to the safest, cleanest, country in Asia? Singapore not only has streets so clean you could eat off them but is also one of the most economically prosperous countries in South East Asia. The only downside is its strict laws which have meant the country has even seen bans on chewing gums.

7. Taiwan

inspitrip countries for american to live taiwan

First Brexit now Caexit and Trump meant you have started to loose faith in democracy? Maybe the technology powerhouse which was the first Asian country to become democratic is for you. Taiwan has  recently got free Wi-Fi throughout it’s capital city which means you can constantly feel connected to those you left back home. The only downside here is the frequent rain which local culture dictates you cannot go outside or walk around in. This cultural no-no is grounded in fears of pollution and acid rain which may be more of a cause for concern.

8. Vietnam

inspitrip countries for america to live hochiminh city

Worried about economic growth and stagnation of trade under Trump and his anti- TPP ideals. Come to the country which has been cited by the economist as the next Asian Tiger. The Vietnamese love Americans (despite the war) and have very much embraced the western culture with their own, unique spin. If you want to get lost in the quirky hidden coffee shops and restaurants of the cities you can easily get a 1 year visa. The downside is the 45-million-strong motorbikes army which occupies the roads here, making trying to walk or cross the road a battle for survival.

9. Thailand

inspitrip countries for american to live thailand

Worried that Trump’s economic policies will shrink the middle class? Many expats have joyfully declared ‘in Thailand you can live like a king’. The capital, Bangkok has topped the charts for the most visited city so the worry of goodbyes can be offset by the chance of a visit. The only downside is the differences in culture which may mean you offend the locals. Make sure you don’t insult their recently bereaved king and stay away from the narcotics industry and you should be good to go.

10. New Zealand

inspitrip countries for american to live newzealand

Trumps assault on liberal open-minded ideals got you down? New Zealand may be for you. This small island country is home to the most liberal media outlets (per capita) in the world. It was the first place to give woman the vote and their world-famous national Haka is a tribute to the indigenous people who used to populate its land. The only downside is you may feel a little lonely here thanks to its sparse population which is outnumbered, 20:1, by sheep.