Tiffany's show: Essential Tips to Enjoy Thailand's Best Cabaret Show

Having an excellent reputation for over 40 years, the Tiffany Cabaret Show, or the Tiffany's Show, in short, is one of Thailand's most anticipated shows that are performed daily by the transvestite and transgender community. At the Tiffany's show, you can witness the gorgeously dressed, talented dancers performing extravagant cultural acts (state some highlights of the show that can wow readers), making it among the best nightlife activities in Pattaya. If you are planning a trip to Pattaya, read on to discover a full guide to have a night to remember at the Tiffany's Show.

Why watching the Tiffany's show?

In 1974 The Tiffany's cabaret show was first “played” by only one performer who wanted to show off his talents to his friends. Later on, his act had gained more and more intention from the audience and raised the awareness of the LGBT right. Over the years, the show is now being a display of stunning scenes, talented performers and is intensified by modern lighting and sounds technology. Extravagant costumes, toe-tapping choreography, and beautiful ‘showgirls' will definitely entice its audiences throughout the 70-minute show time. The themes of the show vary depending on the major nationalities of visitors to Thailand in each specific season. Therefore, guests can expect to witness the harmonious combination of authentic Thai culture and other performances from different countries around the world. It's a place to honor not just the incredible talents but also the bravery of the transvestite and transgender community.

Tiffany Show
Photo by: Tiffany Show Official Site

What to expect at the Tiffany's show?

“Spectacular" is probably the most accurate descriptive word of this show.

1. The gorgeous, talented dancers

First of all, you would be amazed by the lively, charming and sexy performances of the ladyboys. If it is not because of the show's name, you may forget they are surgically and hormonally-enhanced transgenders and transvestite. On the stage, they are dancers with beautiful faces, ideal physique and lissom movements who can dance under traditional music from many countries.

Tiffany Show's ladyboys
Instagram: @tiffanyshowpattaya

The fact is, they, the ones considered as the dainty half-dames, are doing what they love most: dress up and show off their curves. That is one of the reasons why the producers are investing millions of Thai Baht in the lavish sets of clothing, the artful choreography, and the eclectic repertoire.

Talented dancers at the Tiffany Show
Photo by: Tiffany's Show Official Site
Gorgeous costumes of Tiffany's show
Photo by: Tiffany's Show Official Site

2. The cultural performances

Secondly, this 60-minute show presents different themes which depict different cultures. Each theme splendidly reflects a different story of one country's culture, such as Thailand, China, Vietnam, Russia, Italia, etc. Not just showing the historical aspect, the performances also entertain guests with laughter. These performances are going to bring you a strong impression because you can see lots of effort have been put together to bring you the most distinguished experience. Depending on Thailand's tourist season, the producer will choose certain themes to play.

Vietnamese culture is showed at the Tiffany Show
The performers use truly traditional clothes and tools Photo by: Tiffany Show Official Site

If you are lucky enough, you could see your country's dance presenting in front of hundreds of international visitors. But if not, you can have a chance to explore other dance moves, and that is still interesting, right?

There are 13 performances are which you can expect to see:

  1. Pattaya
  2. The glory flower
  3. Be Italian
  4. I am what I am
  5. Maharaja
  6. Saigon girl
  7. Arirang
  8. Je ne sais quoi
  9. Reflections
  10. The magic stones
  11. Tzarist Russia
  12. Tiffany follies
  13. One man woman

Top exceptionally meaningful performances of the Tiffany's Show

I am what I am

“I am what I am” is more a story to tell that a show to perform. Not using many complicated clothes or supporting props, the performance delivers the deepest wish of the transvestite and transgender community: to live up to who they really are. While there is still discrimination against the LGBT community, I am what I am is a chance for the ladyboys to show their talents, beauty and most importantly, their confidence in front of the audiences from all around the world.

Tiffany Show
Photo by: Thailand Cabaret Shows

The Magic Stones and Pattaya

The Tiffany's Show gains its reputation for not only their cultural performances or their dancers but also the meaningful introduction to Thai legend. The Magic Stones is a graceful, elegant performance in which dancers sing songs that praise the Thai traditional beliefs. You will certainly enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful Thai costumes, scenery and sometimes even humor. Similarly, the topic of Pattaya is going to bring all Pattaya's most exciting nightlife activities to the stage.

The elephant is a national symbol of Thailand Photo by: Tiffany's Show Official Site

Be Italian is probably the most anticipated performance at the Tiffany's show because it has never appeared in any cabaret shows in Thailand before. Be Italian, you can learn more about Italian Tarantella, a kind of traditional folk music. Our performers will dress up as saucy girls doing clap along to the music in the background.

Thailnd's Tiffany Show
Photo by: Thailand Cabaret Shows

Know before you go

The location

The address: 464 Moo 9, Pattaya 2nd Road, Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi.

The Tiffany's Show theatre offers over 1000 seats and pathways for the disabled and the seniors. It is equipped with colorful, complicated light effects, modern stage technology, and even world-standard security.


06:00 pm, 07:30 pm 09:00 pm daily

Entrance ticket to Tiffany's Show

  • Standard seat (balcony): 780 THB (~ $25 USD)
  • VIP (row 1 - 15, side seats): 900 THB (~ $28.5 USD)
  • Gold (row 1 - 8, central seats): 1200 THB (~ $38 USD)

Important note: There is no age restriction as well as gender restriction to this show; therefore, children are welcomed to enjoy the extravagant performances. However, children apply the same adult rates (no discount for children's ticket).

Essential Tips from Inspitrip

How to get there

  • If you go there by self-driving (private car), make sure you arrive early because the car park can be super crowded before showtime. Don't worry! Every ticket offers you a free soda drink, so you won't get bored while waiting.
  • If you are an adventurous traveler, Songthaew is an exciting experience for you. Known locally as Baht Buses, they are everywhere on the streets and the cost of one ride is quite cheap depending on the distance. You can expect to pay between 10 - 50 THB.
  • Motorbike taxi is also a cheap, quick and convenient option for you.


  • Being in the world's top 10 most famous shows, the tickets are likely to sell out very fast even before the day of the show. It's necessary to purchase tickets beforehand to make sure you can enjoy the show at the best location. You can purchase Tiffany's show entrance ticket via Inspitrip
  • Inspitrip offers you the best deal ever with one admission ticket, one free soft drink and skip-the-line priority.
  • After purchasing the ticket via Inspitrip, you will get an instant confirmation which is an e-voucher. You can either show the printed or mobile voucher at the entrance for admission.
  • Be noticed that all tickets are only valid for the date and time specified.

Keep your memories with the ladyboys

Undoubtedly, the performers - the transgenders and the transvestite -  of the Tiffany's Show are the most impressive factors of all. If you feel that way, you can show your support by spending time taking fancy photos with them. You can find them easily after the show because they usually gather around the entrance. However, if you want to take photos with them, prepare some tips as they might ask you to pay.

Keep your memories with the Tiffany Show
Guests are welcomed to pose with beautiful dancers. Instagram: @tiffanyshowpattaya

After watching the show, remember producer Jim Mcdonald, an award-winning producer and a British, with his team of over a hundred people, are the ones who miraculously create these spectacular scenes. In Pattaya, there is another transvestite cabaret show called the Alcazar Show. If you are comparing these two shows, check out more tips to watch the Alcazar show in Pattaya. Besides, Inspitrip has more offers for your wonderful trip to Thailand. Read more about things to do in Thailand.