10 most incredible waterfalls in Vietnam

Photo by Julian Hanslmaier / Unsplash

Blessed by Mother Nature with highlands occupying 3/4 of the whole territory, Vietnam is home to numerous stunning waterfalls and cliffs. Wherever you go, from North to South, there is always at least one magnificent spot to visit. So if you are looking for adventurous experiences and have a vast love for nature, these are the top 10 Vietnam waterfalls you should not miss out on.

Bản Giốc Waterfall

 beautiful waterfalls in Vietnam- Vietnam's beautiful waterfalls- Ban Gioc waterfall
Bản Giốc Waterfall amazes its visitors with the magnificent scenery of a 3-tier waterfall. Photo by @storyflow.

Bản Giốc Waterfall is referred to as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world by American magazine Travel and Leisure. Located in Trung Khanh district, Cao Bang province, approximately 400km from Hanoi, Bản Giốc sits right on the China & Vietnam border. The Waterfall amazes its visitors with the magnificent scenery of a 3-tier waterfall that is over 200 meters wide with a drop of more than 70 meters.

Surrounded by tooth-like limestone mountains covered with drifting white clouds on top and transparent jade-blue water, this pristine beauty of nature will surely take your breath away. The best way to reach the base of the falls for a better view is taking a bamboo raft for only $2. It's a blessing that this natural wonder is still kept untouched by mass tourism. If you fancy a picnic among nature and immersing yourself in the cool crystal clear water then let's visit Bản Giốc.

  • Best time to visit: September and October are the best time to visit with beautiful landscapes of rice fields and less rain.
  • Entrance fee: 45,000 vnd

Bạc Waterfall, Sapa

The majestic beauty of Bạc Waterfall in Sapa. Photo by: dulichkhatvongviet

Situated about 15km from Sa Pa town, Bạc Waterfall or Silver Waterfall is very accessible with either motorbikes or cars in just 30 minutes of driving. Sitting at the foot of Ô Quy Hồ Pass, Silver Waterfall is formed by many springs from Can Thàng Plateau and the upstream of the poetic Mường Hoa stream.

​​Amidst the lush landscape, Silver Waterfall murmurs from above like white clouds of hair. Coming here, you will be immersed in the beautiful harmony of nature with spreading mist of water on top, dancing splashes of water in the shining sun, blowing cool air, and echoes from thousand mountain winds. The higher you go towards the top of the Silver Waterfall, the more you can admire many beautiful scenes of Sín Chải valley from above. With its extraordinary beauty, Silver Waterfall is definitely the must-visit when traveling to Sa Pa.

  • Best time to visit: Summer, from February to June, is the best time to enjoy the beauty of Silver Waterfall.
  • Entrance fee: 20,000 VND.

Tác Tình Waterfall, Lai Châu

Tác Tình Waterfall or Love Waterfall lies amidst a wild mountainous area. Photo by: @jackjross

Located in Lai Chau province, about 47 km from Silver Waterfall in SaPa, Tác Tình Waterfall or Love Waterfall lies amidst a wild mountainous space, in a small green valley where Dao people live. From the majestic Hoàng Liên Sơn range, at 130 m height, Tác Tình waterfall pours straight down, gently touches the jutting cliff like a soft white silk strip, and creates a 100-square-meter lake at the foot.

Hidden deep in the mystical beauty, the place holds an old tale of a sad love story that Dao people have passed down from generation to generation. Visitors are encouraged to climb up to have the best view of the Waterfall. On sunny days, lucky ones may have a chance to see a beautiful rainbow above the lake.

  • Best time to visit: The dry season from October to April is the best time to admire the gentle and graceful beauty of the fall, while during the rainy season from May to September, visitors can get to know the wild and powerful side of the waterfall.  
  • Entrance fee: 70,000 VND.

Mây Waterfall, Thanh Hoá

The pristine beauty of Mây Waterfall. Photo by: vinlove.net

Mây Waterfall is the most famous Waterfall in Thanh Hoá province, located right at Cúc Phương National Park in Thạch Lâm commune, about 100 km from Hanoi. Getting here could be a bit challenging as visitors have to cross Cúc Phương National Park and a few muddy trails. But the reward is definitely worth the ride.

Visitors will discover the majestic mountain scenery with dimly flickering roofs of stilt houses, the majestic high mountains, the singing birds, and the murmuring streams from afar. The waterfall falls from the top of Thạch Lâm mountain, at 100 m height, through 9 tiers overlaying each other, creating a soft and flexible current, like a wavy line of a beautiful silk strip.

The most wonderful thing is that Mây Waterfall is still an unspoiled attraction. It totally worth it to spend three hours driving from Hanoi to get here. The route may not be completely smooth, but many visitors are eager to come here to admire the natural beauty of Mây Waterfall.

  • Best time to visit: From August onward.
  • Entrance Fee: Free.

Ba Hồ Waterfall, Nha Trang.

Ba Hồ Waterfall, a rising spot for adventure seekers. Photo by: Huy Van Le

Situated just 20 kilometers North of Nha Trang, Ba Hồ Waterfall offers an intriguing alternative if you ever get bored with the renowned sandy beaches and want to look for a more adventurous getaway to the mountain. It takes only a 45-minute motorbike ride from the city center to get to Ba Hồ, a rising spot for adventure seekers.

Ba Hồ means Three Pools in Vietnamese, consisting of three tiers with increasing heights. The most beautiful of all is the first pool, which is also the easiest to access. Most visitors will stop here, take a dip in the cold fresh water and immerse themselves in the majestic scenery. The second and third pools are for skilled hikers looking for some trekking challenges. Don't forget to stock yourself with enough water and energy, as the trails to get to these two pools are no joke. However, the wild and soothing views are truly rewarding with beautiful falls nested under a green canopy.

  • Best time to visit: During the rainy season.
  • Entrance fee: 20,000 VND.

Suoi Tranh Waterfall, Kien Giang

Suoi Tranh waterfall is an ideal destination for nature lovers. Photo by: divui.com

Suối Tranh Waterfall is only 10 km away or 15-minute drive from Dương Đông town, Phú Quốc. The natural scenery here is extremely refreshing with small creeks flowing from the source of Ham Ninh mountain, passing through many caves. The picturesque scene of rivers, mountains, and forests will give you a feeling of relaxation after tired working days. Suoi Tranh Waterfall is 15 km long and 4 m high in total with lots of falls, big rocks, and small ponds.

Visitors can admire the wild beauty of the jade-blue flowing streams, bumpy rocks, and the white waterfalls. The stunning nature here not only helps you ease your mind but also makes an ideal place for photographs. Dipping in the cool water pouring down from the fall and exploring Hang Dơi - Bat Cave are the top two activities at Suối Tranh.

Bat Cave is about 200m high and 50m deep with many beautiful stalactites inside. Particularly in the dry season, when sunlight creeps into the cave, you will be able to admire a one-of-a-kind shimmering and fanciful natural scenery. Suoi Tranh Waterfall is an ideal destination for those who are in love with wild green nature scenes and a tranquil atmospheres.

  • Best time to visit: From June to January when Suối Tranh is at its best.
  • Entrance fee: 10,000 VND

Pongour Waterfall, Lam Dong

Pongpour waterfall is among the most attractive place for nature lovers. Photo by Dalattourism.vn

Among Vietnam's most beautiful waterfalls, Pongpour Waterfall is Mother Nature's masterpiece bestowed on the misty land of Đà Lạt. This stunning attraction has captivated thousands of domestic and foreign tourists to explore. About 50 km from Đà Lạt, the Waterfall is among the most attractive places for nature lovers.

Pongpour embraces the exotic beauty with its huge rocky chasm, wide and terraced falls, intense heat, crying cicadas, and lush foliage. The Waterfall originates from the majestic Đa Nhim river, pouring down from 30 m height and 120 m width. The water flows day and night forming a large lake with white foam splashing across the sky. Whether it's rainy or dry season, Pongpour has its own unique beauty. In the rainy season, it reveals the fierce charm of powerful and roaring flow of water. While in the dry season, Pongpour shows its gentle and poetic beauty amidst the mountainous area.

  • Best time to visit: Between October and April.
  • Entrance fee: 10,000 VND

Dambri Waterfall, Lâm Đồng

Dambri Waterfall is among the top 15 most charming cascades in the world. Photo by: luhanhvietnam.com

Dambri is the highest Waterfall of Lâm Đồng province, 70 m in height and 30 m in width, and it is included in the list of 15 most charming cascades of the world by MSN. Dambri is at its most beautiful on sunny days when you can see the surrounding mist more clearly and if lucky enough, you can even catch the rainbow. The green foliage, white water foam, and colorful rainbow making up a picturesque sight will surely take your breath away.

You can get to the Waterfall by climbing 138 stairs, taking the elevator, or getting on a mountain coaster. The most enjoyable activities here include relaxing in tranquil nature, listening to the sound of pouring water, and watching the water flow down from bumpy rocks into a large pool. Furthermore, this place is endowed with a primeval forest full of tomentose plants and giant tropical trees. Dambri is truly a wonderful place for those who want to explore nature.

  • Best time to visit: Any time of the year, but weekdays are preferable to avoid the crowds.
  • Entrance fee: 50,000 VND

Draynur Waterfall, Đắk Lắk

Dray Nur is the largest and the most beautiful Waterfall among the three on the Serepok River. Photo by: Lâm Tuyền

Đắk Lắk province is where nature is well-preserved and Dray Nur Waterfall is among the most popular natural attractions, located about 25 km to the south of Buon Ma Thuot city. Dray Nur is the largest and the most beautiful Waterfall among the three on the Serepok River, 250 m in length and 30 m in height. Dazzling white water pouring down from high cliffs into a green lake at the bottom makes up the majestic scenery that amazes most visitors.

Those who have a strong passion for adventures can try exploring the 3000 m2 cave behind the Waterfall. You will experience the thrill of rushing straight through the white water curtain into the dark, mysterious cave with many beautiful stalactites. The road to Dray Nur is quite uneven and rough. However, the harder the road is, the more rewarding the experience will be.

  • Best time to visit: from October to April.
  • Entrance fee: 30,000 to 40,000 VND

Thuỷ Tiên Waterfall, Đắk Lắk

Stunning Thuỷ Tiên Waterfall, located in Đắk Lắk province. Photo by: @thydung_

Thuỷ Tiên is another stunning waterfall from Đắk Lắk province. It is located at 56 km to the northeast of Buon Ma Thuot city. The road to this waterfall is quite beautiful with curvy pass roads, crossing immense coffee and rubber fields. The first impression that would catch your eye upon getting here is the majestic scene of the Waterfall pouring down overlapping rocks, creating the three-level cascades.

The first tier has a low slope. Many tourists enjoy water sliding on the stepping stones of this tier. The second layer spreads wide with various small and shallow lakes. This becomes an ideal place for visitors to swim, and soak their bodies in the cool blue water. Up to the third floor, this waterfall becomes much more majestic. It rushes down the undulating cliffs before blending into the calm, wavy water flow amidst the wild nature.

This place with its tranquil nature is perfect for a peaceful getaway. The site still preserves its beauty so visitors can fully enjoy the wild and pristine scenery of the jungle, with birds chirping, fresh air, and charming landscape.  

  • Best time to visit: the dry season from November to April.
  • Entrance fee: 25,000 VND for adults and 10,000 VND for children.