The best beaches in Nha Trang you should not miss out

Hon Tre Island in Nha Trang. Photo by Vinpearl

Nha Trang, the paradise in Vietnam for ocean-lovers, with various choices that match almost any of your ideal places for enjoying the trip by the sea.  Let’s take a look at the best beaches in Nha Trang and choose for yourself!

Dai Lanh Beach

Dai Lanh beach. Photo by Meogia from‌‌

As a remote beach located 90 km away from the city, Dai Lanh is mentioned as the most standout coastal scenery in Vietnam. All beauties are skillfully packed in one place, the perfect silky white sand and majestic mountains meet the calm clear blue water of the sea. Swimming in the pure clear water, among mild waves, and above the gentle slope sand bed could be the most enjoyable activity to do in Dai Lanh. Besides, casuarina trees will give you shades for sunbathing, picnicking, taking a nap, or reading books.

Dai Lanh beach. Photo by Meogia from

Due to the distant location of the beach (to the city), the tourism is not so vibrant and developed here, that is why it can still retain the intimate joy of nature. This place is also a suitable spot for trekking to catch a wider view of the impressive landscape.  

Son Dung Beach

Joy time on Son Dung beach. Photo by gowithnature_

The beach's situated on Dam Mon peninsula (80 km away from Nha Trang), part of the famous Van Phong Bay. Son Dung surprisingly goes under the radar of the tourism industry, and it is still home to a small group of locals living in the old fishing village.

In contrast to the other parts of Ninh Van Bay (where you can find all sorts of entertainment, resorts, and expensive services), the beach is isolated and very tranquil. Coming here, you can expect a joyful time with nature and local life. Clearwater, soft sea, white sand, uniquely shaped stones reaching from the mountain food hill to under the water, and the colorful coral reefs that can be seen from above the water surface are the distinctive characteristics of this beach. Because it lies within the rich ecosystem of the peninsula, you have the opportunity to trek sand dunes and old-growth forests. Dang Ha fishing village is a  small town that you can walk to and see the life of a humble number of people whose lives rely on the sea.

Clear water of Son Dung. Photo by Vinpearl‌‌

To get there, you have to get to Dam Mon Habor by on-land transportation, then hop on the boat to Van Phong Bay.

Hon Mun Island

Grey limestone on Hon Mun island. Photo by Vnexpress

Hon Mun was assessed by WWF as having the most marine biodiversity in Vietnam with a total of 1,500 species and is a planning sea as well as a protected ocean area. Due to its special location that allowed Hon Mun to receive the current with rich nutrition from the equator, the various coral species flourish, resulting in the diversity of sea lives.

Located 10 km southeast of Nha Trang, the total area of Hon Mun is 160 km2, in which caverns, black rocks, and limestone cliffs are the island’s main geological components. The name “Hon Mun” which means “ash-color island” originates from the greyish color of the limestone mountains here. This place is perfect for explorers who are ready to dedicate their trip to trekking, rock climbing, and learning about the natural life both on land and under the water. However, if you want to enjoy a retreat experience, you can also have yourself a booked private trip, floating on clear water and enjoying the freshest seafood with good wine on the deck.

Doc Let Beach

Doc Let Beach from above. Photo by hanhtrinhvietnam

Located 50 km to the North of Nha Trang’s city center, Doc Let is a well-reserved gem for wandering souls who want to hide from the bustling city life. It’s a semi-circular beach with shallow and gentle turquoise waves and coconut trees like any Hawaii beach you can imagine. With crystal clear water on the stretching 6km chalky coastline, this is a perfect place for relaxing and retreat purposes with both standard and luxury facilities. This area is quiet and private, as the number of tourists never gets overwhelming. Most visitors are married couples or on their honeymoon, as the beach has its perfect sunset for a romantic time.

Recreation purposes such as water sports, including windsurfing, water skiing, or parachuting are available. Besides, the sea has beautiful coral reefs for sea-lovers to go snorkeling and discover underwater life.

Hon Noi Beach (Yen Island)

Hon Noi - Double beach. Photo by‌‌

Hon Noi has just become popular recently with the double beach-unique feature, in which the beach comprises two separate beaches connected by a long stretch of white sand. 25 km away from the city, located on Yen Island, Hon Noi can be reached by 1-hour travel on a boat. This place isn’t just unique in its geographical feature, it's also home to the largest salangane population. Due to those characteristics, the beach is among the top favorite tourist destinations in Nha Trang.

For those who love trekking, Du Ha mountain, located next to the sea, is a great spot for a panorama view of the island. You can also have chances to see how salanganes nest, and the way local people rely on this type of bird.

Hon Tam Beach

Hon Tam Island. Photo by Vinpearl

Hop on to a boat and discovered the well-preserved ecosystem and cultural values in Nha Trang. Located 7km away from the southeast of the city, also known under the name “Thuy Kim Son”, which means “Water and golden mountain” in Vietnamese. The name truly describes the natural features of this island, which total size is about 100 hectares, in which both land and sea forests are well-protected.

Besides the natural fascination here, the top resorts are available with high-quality services, facilities, and cuisine. Some of the most exciting activities you can join on this island are water sports, diving, and also visiting Hoang Hoa village, a traditional handicraft town that was constructed over 100 years ago.

Nhu Tien Beach

Gentle waves on Nhu Tien beach. Photo by Vietreader

10 km away from the city center and home to the Diamond Bay City luxury spa & resort, Nhu Tien beach is a perfect tranquil heaven for mindfulness travel. What makes people impressed most about the place is the harmonious co-existence of abundant mountains, a white sandy beach with coconut and palm trees, and the crystal clear turquoise sea. The beach is on the coast of a small bay, so the wind and waves are mild and gentle. It’s safe for tourist as the beach have a smooth and shallow sand bed without sharp cliffs.

A wider angle of Nhu Tien beach. Photo by Vinpearl

You can get here by a 20-min shuttle bus from the city, and because it’s a privately owned beach, you have to pay an entry fee if you’re not a guest at Diamond Bay Hotel. Facilities for retreat and dining experiences such as a spa complex, yoga class, recreation activities (such as boating, jet-skiing, kayaking, snorkeling), and various choices of cuisines are well served here.

Hon Tre Beach

Sunrise on Hon Tre. Photo by Vinpearl‌‌

For travel connoisseurs seeking a trip full of entertaining activities, Hon Tre Island is the destination you shouldn’t miss out. This “bamboo island” is home to Vinpearl Land amusement park, which offers high-class amenities, services, and cuisine. However, if you're seeking something natural and not as busy, Hon Tre coast is the go-to. The beach is next to the park, however, it’s pretty quiet as people pay more time and attention to the park instead. The most enchanting thing here must be the rich biodiversity on land and under the sea, Scuba diving service provided by Vinpearl Diving Club Nha Trang is available for coral reef exploration. Water sports such as water-hoverboard, catamaran-sail, parasailing, and kayak are things that you can also experience on Hon Tre.

Vinpearl Hon Tre. Photo by Vinpearl‌‌

To get here, you can hop on the world's longest oversea cable car or have a boat trip. The dry season (January to August) is the perfect time for a getaway to this gorgeous place.

Bai Tru Beach

Sea time on Bai Tru. Photo by Vinpearl‌‌

Besides Hon Tre beach, Bai Tru is one of the most enchanting beaches in Nha Trang located on Hon Tre island. Known for its stunning sunset, Bai Tru is quiet enough for a tranquil and relaxing experience, but also close enough to the amusement park for more vibrant activities such as visiting the aquarium, shopping, and leisure in the water park.

Come here and see for yourself the pristine beauty of the vast forest right next to the white shimmering sand bed with crystal clear water. It’s an ideal place for swimming due to the mild wind and waves. You have to pay some entry fee which will be used to keep clean for the beach and some of the facilities such as umbrellas, deck chairs, and showers.

Hopefully, with all the information about those best beaches, you can now progress your trip to Nha Trang without hesitation.  Memorable experiences in Vietnam are waiting for you!