Sim cards for tourists in Vietnam: All you need to know

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Plan your trip to Vietnam, and remember to have your local SIM card ready when you arrive! It's the best way to stay in touch and save on high traveling costs.

Why do you have to buy a SIM card in Vietnam?

Travel agencies will often call you to confirm any changes to your trip or plans. So in Vietnam, you need to buy a sim card. Also, Wifi is not available anywhere in Vietnam yet, and you may need data to use the Internet.

What documents do you need to buy a SIM in Vietnam?

You don't need any paperwork to own a sim card. Vietnamese Dong can be paid directly in cash, which is very convenient. Buying a SIM in Vietnam with a bank card or US dollars is not recommended. However, if necessary, the store still offers currency exchange.

Where can you buy a sim card in Vietnam?

Is it easy to get a SIM card in Vietnam? The answer is yes. Pre-activated Vietnamese SIMs costing less than 100,000 VND (5 USD) can be sold at most airports, borders, and street shops.

If you're taking a trip organized by a travel agency, your guide or driver will usually provide you with a pre-purchased activated SIM card and a registered 3G Internet plan.

If you are traveling alone or the customer does not have a SIM card available, consider getting a SIM card at the airport where visitors arrive. The staff can assist you in choosing the one that meets your need. This will be more convenient.

Which carrier should you choose in Vietnam?

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Vietnam's three most popular mobile carriers are Viettel, MobiFone, and Vinaphone. They are all state-owned enterprises with extensive mobile phone coverage and comparable pricing power. When MobiFone has the best quality of service with about 3,200 mobile users in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Viettel seems to have the most customers.

Price and 4G mobile SIM in Vietnam

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The price of the three carriers is not much different:

  • The on-net call fee is 1,000 VND / minute.
  • The domestic SMS fee is 250 VND.
  • The International SMS fee is 2,500 VND.
  • The high-speed 3G package is about 70,000 VND / month.
  • The difference between good speed and excellent speed is the location.

Prepaid Viettel sim

As we said, you can choose from countless prices and packages. Here are some excellent sim packages for you:

Data only Viettel-30,000 VND = 1.3 USD

  • 7 GB of data
  • Valid for seven days
  • Hot spot: yes

Data and calls Viettel-120,000 VND = 5.2 $

  • 2GB 4G Internet per day
  • 60 minutes of talk
  • Valid for 30 days  Hotspot: yes
  • Registered dial: * 098 * 172 #

Mobile prepaid card

Mobifone travel card - 200,000 VND = 9 $

  • Unlimited 4G Internet
  • Don't answer calls, don't send text messages
  • 14 days of validity
  • Hot spot: yes

Mobifone travel card - 220,000 VND = 10 $

  • Unlimited 4G data
  • Talk for 100 minutes without texting
  • Valid for 30 days
  • Hot spot: yes

How to install a Vietnam SIM card?

The salesperson will insert a SIM card for you at the airport and complete all the steps to choose a 4G plan. Then it will verify if it is valid or not. But no problem, SIM cards come in four formats: mini, micro, and nano. Cut the card into the desired format and insert it into the phone. No activation code is needed. Your SIM card takes effect immediately.

Some helpful tips for buying a SIM card in Vietnam

  • If you need help with the language, please download Google Translate on your phone before traveling.
  • Ask the seller to insert a SIM card for you, as they will know how to do this.
  • Move to the main form for better support and volume.
  • Mobifone is always recommended in big cities, but if you travel to remote areas, Viettel is the best.
  • You can buy a SIM card in most stores. If a Nano-SIM card is needed, they will adjust the size accordingly.