Safari World Bangkok: A Comprehensive Guide to Explore Thailand's Most Famous Safari Park

Photo by Ankush Minda / Unsplash

Safari World Bangkok is one of the top interesting things to do in Bangkok for travelers with children or those who have a big passion for exploring the wilderness. A visit to Safari World Bangkok will bring you in-depth knowledge of the animal world, laughter, and thrills at the shows, as well as the unique desserts you cannot find elsewhere.

However, as Safari World Bangkok is huge and consists of many different activities, first-time visitors may need some preparations before going in order not to miss out on any fun experiences.

In this article, we've put together all the top tips and a comprehensive guide to help you have a hassle-free and insightful day trip to Safari World Bangkok!

The wooden welcome board at Safari World Bangkok
Welcome to Safari World! Instagram: @neamakela

General information of Safari World Bangkok

Safari World Bangkok is located at 99 Panyaintra Road (Soi Ramindra 109), Samwatawantok, Bangkok 10510, Thailand. It has long been one of the top things to do in Bangkok for nature geeks and travelers with children to earn a fresh perspective on the preservation of wilderness.

The Park houses hundreds of animals collected from all around the world and is divided into two main areas: Safari Park and Marine Park.

A mom and her 2 little daughters hanging out at the Safari World Bangkok
A perfect place for kids to have a close interaction with the wilderness! Pinterest: the-travelling-twins

Although the two sections both belong to one big complex of Safari World Bangkok, their operating times are slightly different and so are the ticket prices.

Operating Hours

Monday - FridaySaturday - SundayRestaurant (lunch buffet)
Safari Park: 9 AM - 4:30 PMSafari Park: 9 AM - 5 PM11 AM - 2 PM (daily)
Marine Park: 9 AM - 5 PMMarine Park: 9 AM - 6 PM

How to arrive at Safari World Bangkok?

Forty kilometers away from central Bangkok, Safari World Bangkok is located on the outskirts of northern Bangkok and it takes roughly 45 minutes to get there, depending on your location as well as the transportation you choose to travel. There are different ways to get to Safari World Bangkok from the city center.

A visitor feeding the giraffes at the Safari World Bangkok
Are you ready to feed? Instagram: @busracebeofficial

Hop on a taxi or Grab

If you are not good at navigation or have an extensive budget for transportation, taxi or grab car are definitely the most convenient and easiest way to reach your desired destinations.

Traveling by taxi to Safari World Bangkok may cost you around 600 to 700 Baht (USD $19 - $20) for a one-way and 1200 – 1500 Baht (USD $38 - 48) for a round trip. However, for the best price updated, contact your hotel receptionist or a local Thai friend if you have one, just in case you would not want to be ripped off as a foreigner!

With the famous ride-hailing app in Thailand, Grab, your travel around is even easier when all you have to do is input your pick-up and drop-off point, check the price and book the car. Grab allows you to keep track with the route, rate the trip and even get discounts for later journeys.

However, you may need to get access to the Internet to open the app. Therefore, it is better to get a 3G/4G SIM Card ready right after you land in Bangkok International Airport.

Once your phone is ready to roam, active Grab app and input the exact name of the Park: Safari World Bangkok, along with the address in Thai (พระยาสุเรนทร์‏ 40 Bangkok 10510, Thailand), check the price and hit the BOOK button!

Public transport

Unfortunately, there is no direct bus or BTS Skytrain access to Safari World Bangkok, but you can combine public transport and taxi to arrive at Safari World Bangkok. Check out these following routes if you want to experience traveling like a real Thai local!

  • If you are around the city center like in Sukhumvit, Siam or Pratunam, join Sukhumvit Line of the BTS and get off at the last stop Mo Chit, which is around 42 Baht (USD $1.3). From here, take Exit No. 1 or No. 3 and catch the bus No. 26 or 96 to Fashion Island Shopping Mall stop at roughly 25 Baht (USD $0.8). Then hop on a taxi to Safari World Bangkok at around 100 Baht (USD $3.2).
Red wooden signs saying Stay In Your Car at the Safari World Bangkok
The stunning path crossing the Safari Park Instagram: @neamakela 2
  • If you start from Khao San, China Town, Bangkok Old City, or Hua Lamphong, then take the bus No. 73 that heads to Nopparat Ratchathani Hospital. You will pay around 25 Baht (USD $0.8) for this bus trip, and from the Nopparat Ratchathani Hospital, catch a taxi to Safari World, which costs you roughly 100 Baht (USD $3.2).
  • If you are traveling around the area of Bang Kapi District, Ramkhamhaeng (which is nearby Suvarnabhumi Airport Link), then you can catch one of the buses in No. 22, 60, 115 or 501 to Fashion Island Mall and then hop on a taxi to Safari World.

Minibus and minivan are other options besides BTS and bus that you can easily see them parking in front of the Chatuchak Market. These minivans don't have license plates, so you need to ask the drivers which one that heads to Safari World Bangkok before hopping on.

A minivan trip to Fashion Island Mall costs around 100 Baht (USD $3.2). From there you can get a cab at 100 Baht (USD $3.2) to Safari.

How to get back to Bangkok from Safari World?

Once your trip is completed, you can contact the tourist information operator for a taxi arrangement back to Fashion Island Mall bus stop to catch one back to Bangkok city center.

Visitor taking photo of a zebra at the Safari World Bangkok
Hello, zebra! Instagram: @neamakela

Entrance ticket to Safari World Bangkok

You can purchase the entrance tickets directly at the ticket booth or via online platforms. The price range below is applied for visitors purchasing tickets on site. This way is helpful if you happen to pass through Safari World Bangkok during your trip and that you can get a ticket with a snap of a finger.

Safari World Bangkok – Single Day Pass + Lunch BuffetUSD $57.6
Safari World Bangkok – Single Day Pass + Marine WorldUSD $44.8
Safari World Bangkok – Safari Park EntryUSD $32
Safari World Bangkok – Marine Park EntryUSD $38.4
Lion family at Safari World Bangkok
A lion family is sunbathing on the grass Instagram: @neamakela

The second option is to buy online tickets at home as you can find many attractive deals on the Internet and it saves you tons of time queueing at the ticket counter. You can consider getting your ticket to Safari World Bangkok via Inspitrip with promotional prices is now being offered, making your experience more affordable and pleasant.

Once your travel date and payment are confirmed, an e-voucher will be sent to your email by the service provider. When you arrive at Safari World Bangkok, just present the voucher to the staff at the counter (from counter No. 1 to No. 8) to exchange for a physical ticket.

2 girls hanging out at Safari World Bangkok
Will you get here with your friend? Instagram: @neamakela

Things to do at Safari World Bangkok

1. Explore a lively animal kingdom at Safari Park

A sleeping tiger at Safari World Bangkok
A tiger living his dream Instagram: @neamakela

You will reach Safari Park first after entering the main entrance of Safari World Bangkok.

Here you will learn more about the world of over 75 mammals and 300 species of birds from Asia to Africa and many other endemic animals of other regions.

Lions at Safari World Bangkok
A troop of lions sheltering under the trees Instagram: @neamakela

Feeding the animals is a must-do experience when you tour around the park. This activity lasts for only 10 minutes in the morning. Not only is it a fun activity to please your kids, but it also allows you to observe the natural behavior of wild animals through the act of consuming food.

The custodian in charge of each area will reveal the hindsight behind the days in the life of each species. Are you ready to have your kids amazed at these interesting biology lessons?

The twins feeding the zebras at the Safari World Bangkok
Your kids will surely love this! Pinterest: the-travelling-twins

A majority of the residents at Safari Park “animal kingdom" is carnivores. Therefore, you should take a bus service to tour around the park so as not to run out of energy and protect yourself from being attacked by the animals.

This tour leads you to several sections that visitors are not allowed to walk inside and may cost you 30 Baht (USD $0.96) per person. Additionally, you will join an experienced guide who shows you inside out throughout the trip and gives out many interesting facts about the wild animals you may have never heard of before. You can find this service at the information counter right next to the ticket counter.

A tiger sleeping by a pond at Safari World Bangkok
A tiger is taking a nap by the pond Instagram: @neamakela

Quick tip for you: Sit on the right side of the bus for an up-close perspective, and of course, for more interesting and vivid background if you want to capture some photos of the animals as well.

Giraffes at Safari World Bangkok
The giraffes assembling around a small lake Instagram: @neamakela
A bulletin board of the Mandrill at the Safari World Bangkok
Everything is in Thai, really! Instagram: @ticking_the_bucketlist

The route lasts for nearly 8 kilometers and you will get to encounter tigers, zebras, deer, antelopes, birds and a lot more. Some animals even surprise you when they come closer to the window.

A trip may take about 45 minutes. It is best if you can join this tour in the morning since the temperature will be milder and clearer than during the noontime or in the afternoon when the weather tends to be humid and scorching. Also, the sunlight is lovely and bright enough for you to comfortably explore the safari and have stunning photographs as well.

Rhinos at Safari World Bangkok
Rhinos are having a good time of their life Instagram: @neamakela

2. Travel under the sea at Marine World

The second part of Safari World Bangkok is Marine World, where you can learn more about underwater wildlife through a number of animal shows stretching over to the Jungle Walk area. There are up to 7 different shows operating every day and most of which occur in the afternoon.

Marine World at the Safari World Bangkok
A child enjoying his magical underwater world Instagram: @nichara1981

If Safari World is best to explore in the morning when the weather is ease and clear, Marine World is great to see in the afternoon. During this time, Bangkok’s weather is getting hotter but Marine World surely blows the heat away with its cool atmosphere and many relaxing yet entertaining activities.

3. Boating along the Jungle Cruise River

A welcome gate at Safari World Bangkok
The flamboyant path into the woods Instagram: @neamakela

Much similar to the one in Singapore, Jungle Cruise River is a 30-minute boat trip that will take you through a “jungle" that features all the natural habitats of Africa and Asia. However, this Jungle Cruise River is not included in your purchased entrance ticket, so you may need to purchase an extra ticket to join this interesting activity.

4. Explore the mystic woods with Jungle Walk

A trip to Jungle Walk leads you to a simulated jungle where you will get to encounter many kinds of native species living in the wilderness. The jungle is giant and dense, hence you should always follow the direction signs in order not to get lost in the middle of the trip or in case you are finding a way to the shows.

Monkey Bridge in Safari World Bangkok
A monkey bridge leading you to Jungle Walk area Instagram: @baibondz

5. Enjoy 7 impeccable shows at Safari World Bangkok

These shows are deliberately made for families with children, which feature fascinating animal performances. Here are the 7 shows that you should not miss when visiting Safari World Bangkok.

Orangutan Show

This comedy-centric boxing show entertains you with many hilarious movements of the orangutans on stage.

The orangutans in fun outfits will kill your stress by teasing each other, dancing, hugging and balancing on the chair.

Don’t forget to snap some shots with these cute “friends" when the show is over.


Mon - Sun: 10:40 AM and 02:00 PM

Orangutan show at the Safari World Bangkok
An orangutan role-playing on stage Instagram: @ticking_the_bucketlist

Sea Lion Show

The show opens your mind with the cleverness and flexibility of the sea lions attempting to cooperate with the trainers. They can lift the ball by the nose, jump through the ring or even tease their trainers.


  • Mon - Fri: 02:00 PM
  • Sat - Sun: 2:00 PM and 3:45 PM
Sea lion show at the Safari World Bangkok
The clever sea lions during their performance Instagram: @bishal.roy_

Cowboy Stunt Show

If you are a fan of Lucky Luke, don't miss this Cowboy Stunt Show that brings you to an actual Westside of the States, where the cool cowboys and cowgirls conquer the wooden pubs while the gunfights roam the sky.


Mon - Sun: 10:45 AM

Cowboy Stunt Show at the Safari World Bangkok
Stunning scene at the Cowboy Stunt Show Instagram: @kennylagrosse

Elephant Show

These giant animals will have you saying wow with multiple impeccable human simulation actions, such as painting, playing basketball, balancing, dancing in groups and many more.


Mon - Sun: 11:30 AM

Elephant show at the Safari World Bangkok
An elephant finding his balance in the wood Instagram: @ticking_the_bucketlist

Dolphin Show

Dolphins are famous for their friendliness. The dolphin shows at Safari World Bangkok will give you the truest experiences of how clever these cute animals are. Get ready to be mesmerized by their dances and flips over in the air.


  • Mon - Fri: 10:00 AM and 03:40 PM
  • Sat - Sun: 10:00 AM and 04:40 PM
Dolphin show at the Safari World Bangkok
The dolphins dancing to the beat following the movement of the trainers Instagram: @ticking_the_bucketlist

Spy War

Your Hollywood blockbusters now come to life with a spectacular archive of thrilling performances including canoe racing, gun fights and bombing!


Mon - Sun: 02:50 PM

Bird Show

The flamboyant and vivid parrots definitely make your children smile with their skillful bike-riding talent. Bird Show is best when you travel with the kids.


  • Mon - Fri: 02:40 PM and 04:10 PM
  • Sat - Sun: 02:40 PM and 05:10 PM
2 parrots chit chatting at Safari World Bangkok
Chit-chatting time...! Instagram: @neamakela

Where to have lunch at Safari World Bangkok?

After hours of sightseeing and joining different outdoor activities, it is time to find a place to rest your feet and get some food to boost up your energy. At Safari World Bangkok, you can either get an entrance ticket including a lunch buffet, which serves many fusion dishes or drop by any of your favorite bistros to enjoy.

Outside food and beverages are not allowed inside Safari World Bangkok while food courts inside the Park are a little pricey. Some of the restaurants inside the Park also serves buffet in between 11:00 AM to 02:00 PM every day. Don't forget to have some Baht available in cash to smoothen your payment.

This zebra ice-cream will surely blow the heat away! Instagram: @TravelwithCatherine

The buffet restaurant is inside the Marine World. Follow the map or the direction boards to navigate your way to the restaurant. Also, don’t forget to take a table number ticket beforehand upon your arrival.

Some tasty cakes for dessert Instagram: @TravelwithCatherine

Some essential tips before you go

  • The weather in Bangkok is really humid and hot, and same as to Safari World. Therefore, light outfits and a comfortable pair of shoes are the perfect combos for a day trip to the attraction. Also, don't forget to apply some sunscreen and bring along a hat, an umbrella, and a refillable bottle to keep yourself from heat stroke and dehydrated.
  • You can choose to take a taxi to see the open Safari Park, but make sure to negotiate for the best price.
  • If you are traveling in a group of 3 or 4 people, traveling by taxi or Grab car will help you save a lot.
  • A complete trip at Safari World Bangkok takes roughly 6 hours.
  • Get a map at the entrance or download one to help navigate throughout the park at ease.
  • Come early if you have the buffet ticket, as the restaurant is usually packed during lunchtime and it closes at 2 PM.
Travel map of Safari World Bangkok
Travel map of the Safari World Bangkok

If your trip to the Safari World Bangkok is around the corner, quickly bookmark this article right now and share it with your friends if they are coming along with you! Still longing for more exciting activities for your Bangkok itinerary? Check out these following articles to get useful tips and comprehensive guide for a hassle-free and insightful experience in this Land of Smiles: