Our local picks 05 coffee places to work in District 01

Photo by Shio Yang / Unsplash

People are talking a lot about the remote work trends. More and more young adults are seeking quiet ambiance places, and free and stable internet connections, near the business center districts, so they spare a seat all day, work online, run deadlines, or rush to any meeting as convenient.

We narrow it down to the 05 best coffee places to work for independent workers.

The criteria

  • Lighting, power plugs supply
  • Comfortable yet private seat options
  • Diverse food and drink menu, serve snacks
  • Affordable prices, savory food
  • Staff attitude/service quality

Grab your laptop and go!

PERCE%T Coffee

  • Address: Pham Ngu Lao Street
  • Opening hours: 7:00 AM - 10:oo PM
  • Price range: 29.000 - 59.000
  • Must-try drink:  Macchiato tea

The space is spacious and bright with a minimalist concept. White dominates the whole space and is infused with greenery.

Spacious and open common area / Perce%t Coffee Fanpage

The lighting is with broad window

Natural light is abundant thanks to the design of many large glass doors and enough lights to create comfort and ease the eyes. Power sockets are arranged in many places, convenient for you to use laptops.

Private working corner / Perce%t Coffee Fanpage

Wooden chair with cushion and backrest, helping you comfortably sit to work, read a book or sip coffee with friends. Guests can also choose a corner to sit by the window with a cool open space.

High ceiling, infuse natural light / Perce%t Coffee Fanpage

The menu mainly includes crushed ice, tea, coffee, coconut cream, chocolate. The shop also serves a variety of cakes.

The iced drink is not too sweet. Crispy apple pie, salted egg croissant is quite delicious. Mid-range price.

Friendly service staff.

Overall rating: 4.5/5

Every Half

Cozy and minimal set up insider / Every Half Fanpage

The lighting in the salon is harmonious, just enough to meet the needs of studying and working. Electrical sockets are arranged relatively many. The open bar counter creates an intimate atmosphere.

Limited area, capacity about 15-20 people at a time. In addition to the long table with high chair style for chilling or group chat, you can choose a single table for private working needs.

Working area / Every Half Fanpage

Outstanding menu with types of coffee. Several seasonal drinks, cold brew, kombucha tea, juices and croissant... are also served.

Delicious coffee flavor, has its own characteristics. The price is a bit high.

Polite and professional staff.

Hoff Coffee Brewers

Small but super cozy / Hoff Coffee Brewers

Most tables have a small lamp directly above them with just the right amount of light. Some corners are arranged electrical sockets, the location is quite convenient.

The restaurant has ground floor and mezzanine. In addition, the balcony with a view overlooking the green Ly Tu Trong street frontage, is ideal for those who like to enjoy the fresh air and find inspiration for creative work.

The menu is not too extensive, but still has traditional coffees, brewed, cold brewed or handmade and some cakes such as lemon poppy seed cake, croissant, cream cheese bagel.

Hoff Fat, the signature drink of the shop, has a combination of espresso and special fat cream, accompanied by a topping of cocoa powder and yellow lemon zest. In general, the price is a bit high, making up for the meticulously prepared dishes and the taste and appearance are highlighted.

Service staff is gentle and polite.

Overall rating: 4/5

Barxiu Coffee

Take a short break and look outside the window / Barxiu Coffee Fanpage

The shop is designed with quite large glass windows, convenient to receive natural light. The shop uses mainly yellow lights, fully equipped electrical sockets.

Comfortable seating for large groups and also a private corner if you go alone. The shop also has a balcony, ideal for you to sit and watch the street on cool days.

Anyone also loves the subtle lighting ambiance? / Barxiu Coffee Fanpage

Simple menu, serving mainly bottled coffee. You can also choose soda, tea and a few cakes to sip.

Coffee is fragrant, delicious and easy to drink. Cakes or drinks are served on beautiful glasses and plates and served with a wooden tray. The price is relatively consistent with the quality.

Friendly staff, attentive customer service.

Overall rating: 4/5

Yasa Cafe'

Inside Yasa Cafe' / coffee.saigon Instagram

The shop uses white lights. Electrical sockets are arranged relatively, focusing on convenience for guests when needed.

Tables and chairs are arranged not too far apart. In return, there are many sitting corners with different types of tables and chairs to meet the needs of guests.

Menu favors cold brew varieties. The shop also serves smoothies, teas, juices, and sodas. You also have the opportunity to enjoy tiramisu, red velvet, brownie cake, croissant...

Drinks are prepared attractively. The tiramisu is fatty and delicious. The price of some drinks is a bit high compared to the common ground.

Enthusiastic support staff.

Overall rating: 3/5

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