In the search for the best bakeries in Saigon

Good news for pastry lovers: the best artisan bakeries are available in Saigon. Various bakery styles, ranging from the famous French bakery, Austria, Jewish-Amerian, to the Mediterranean, are out there.

Home-made pastries of Haubis Vietnam. Photo by Haubis Vietnam

Good news for pastry lovers: the best artisan bakeries are available in Saigon. Various bakery styles, ranging from the famous French bakery, Austria, Jewish-Amerian, to the Mediterranean, are out there.

Here are the best bakeries in Saigon for you to visit and enjoy:

PAUL Bakery

PAUL in Saigon center. Photo by PAUL

PAUL has heritage a family tradition of “Maison de Qualité” bakery since 1889. With more than 125 years of experience, they now deliver excellent fresh French-style pastries every day via over 500 bakeries in 32 different countries.

Crepes and wafers by PAUL. Photo by PAUL

They offer up to 43 types of bread ranging from rustic to fancy ones, various selections of viennoiseries, pastries, and sandwiches. Besides, you can also come to the bakery restaurants to enjoy their light French-style snacks, including sweet and savory tarts, crepes, light dishes, and salads. At PAUL, they bake three times per day to ensure the freshness of the bread. Besides the signature viennoiseries such as croissant, brioche, and palmiers, you can choose the healthy ones such as wholegrain bread and sandwiches.

Coming here, the must-try ones are ‘Fleur de Lys’, also known as dark chocolate mousse cake, and their earl grey custard slides  (aka mille-feuille).

St. Honore

Pastries in St.Honoré. Photo by St.Honoré

Saint Honoré is a chain of authentic French restaurants, bakeries, and cafes, with two locations within Ho Chi Minh City and ten in Hanoi. Their products include 25 types of daily baked french bread and a vast selection of sweet and savory pastries, desserts, and classic French treats such as chocolate eclairs and tarts. They also offer many healthy options such as chia, wholegrain bread, sourdough, and gluten-free options.

Galette des Rois. Photo by St.Honoré

Their cafes and restaurants serve breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner with course sets and weekly specials that offer popular and traditional French dishes. Saint Honoré also produces frozen goods such as ready-to-bake pizza dough, rye bread, baguettes, and deli products such as pate, hummus, and olive tapenades.

Saigon Bagel

Bacon and Chives Schmear. Photo by Saigon Bagel 

For those who love the chewy artisan bagels, the New York-style, Saigon Bagel is your top option. Although they are new in town, this place is a unique piece of the gourmet diversity in Ho Chi Minh City, which offers delicious old-fashioned bagels that are nostalgically Jewish-American.

Meze of Saigon Bagel. Photo by Saigon Bagel 

At Saigon Bagel, the chef hand-rolls the bagels daily, then lets them sit overnight before further process. Thus you can come here and expect the freshest, chewy, and pleasantly-flavored bagels within Saigon.

Saigon Bagels also offer a dine-in menu besides their takeaway pastries, which includes various options of bagel sandwiches. The bagels are often enjoyed with “schmear”. Originating from Yiddish, this word means the act of spreading cream cheese on bagels. At first, there was only cream cheese schmear, but now cream cheese is blended with ingredients such as peppers, fruits, pickles, capers, herbs, and onions. You can find those interesting schmear variations at Saigon Bagels.

One lovely addition to the menu is authentic Italian cannolis, the tube-shaped shells of fried pastry dough with a sweet and creamy ricotta filling. This pastry is the perfect pair with local arabica espresso.


Pretzel sandwich in Haubis. Photo by Haubis

Haubis is a 100-year of experience Austrian bakery. In Vietnam, it's owned by Ms. Tram Le, who has dedicated her life to bringing the culinary essence of Austria and German pastries to Vietnam.

Haubis offers both baked and raw frozen formats of traditional high-quality Austrian/ German Bread, Roll, Pretzel, organic Baguette. The healthy version, gluten-free, lactose-free, and vegan versions are available to buy via website and in-store.

Their selection of Austria bread is impressive, with around 20 types. The must-try tradition Austria pastry is Kaiser roll, which means emperor rolls in Austrian. At Haubis, you can find these yummy naturally sweet crown-shaped rolls, which are made from both wheat and malt. For the German pastries, go for the Pretzel and Pretzel Sticks. They are so crunchy, thus soft and flavorful at the first bite.

Au Parc

The Turkish brunch in Au Parc. Photo by Au Parc 

Although Au Parc Saigon is a Mediterranean restaurant, they make and serve fresh, quality bread every day. The breakfast in French style offers toast, baguettes, rye sourdough, brioche and various types of jams, and homemade chunky Nutella.

If you searching for Mediterranean-style pastries, lavash flatbread, and breadsticks with homemade hummus, dips are the go-to!

Une Journée à Paris

Pain Aux Raisins. Photo by Une Journée à Paris

Originally located in District 3, recently this family-style French bakery relocated to Thu Duc Golf Country Club in District 9. Their pastry chef is Francois Rostaing, a passionate young man that delivers the authentic taste of French pastries.

Religieuse Café of Une Journée à Paris. Photo by Le Nom

Situated in a green park, the new spacious space of Une Journée à Paris is a get-aways from the bustling city life. With the feel of a countryside family restaurant, the location is perfect for the weekend rest day or a cozy dinner. The bakery menu offers a wide range of croissants, baguettes, french desserts, and savory pastries. Among those, the ‘galette des rois’ (aka King Cake) is the worth-trying one!

Their restaurant also has western-inspired dishes for lunch and dinner, such as seafood, steaks, lasagnas, andouillette, pizza, pasta, hamburgers, and sandwiches.

Voelker Bakery

Pastries in Voelker Saigon. Photo by Voelker

This bakery offers reasonable price authentic French pastries with a high-quality benchmark. They offer traditional pastries such as Crossaints, pain au chocolate, French baguettes, and healthier versions of bread including the special Nordlander bread, dark rye, and multi-cereal bread.

Enjoy your bread-time at the best bakeries in Saigon!