Best pizza in Hanoi

Hanoi has excellent pizza options, ranging from simple slices to authentic wood-fired pies. Read on to find out the best pizza in Hanoi.

Photo by Ivan Torres / Unsplash

Hanoi has excellent pizza options, ranging from simple slices to authentic wood-fired pies. Read on to find out the best pizza in Hanoi.

Vietnamese cuisine is delectable and full of flavor. But everyone has moments when they crave Western food, which may be more of a comfort food than Vietnamese food. Luckily, Hanoi has some excellent pizza, which many locals and foreigners in the city adore and recommend. These best pizzerias in Hanoi below will help you meet your pizza craving. Let’s check the best pizza in Hanoi!

Pizza Belga

Pizza Belga proudly claims to be Hanoi's most authentic pizzeria, and many people appear to agree. Because they make traditional Neapolitan-style pizzas baked in a wood-burning oven and topped abundantly with fresh, natural ingredients. You'll find toppings like creamy burrata and truffle oil here that you won't find anywhere else.

Capricciosa pizza in Pizza Belga. Photo by Pizza Belga

This Neapolitan-style pizza is easily identified by its signature crust, made with fresh handmade dough and produces an airy, slightly crispy rim and a thin, soft center that droops when picked up by hand. Every month, a limited-edition pizza is served to allow the chefs to unleash their creativity.

This pizzeria, on several floors of a large building at 225 Au Co Road, can easily accommodate large groups. Aside from the indoor area, there is a lovely terrace on the first floor and a small balcony on the second for those who prefer to sit outside.

Address: 225 Au Co, Tay Ho and 47 Hang Be, Hoan Kiem

Open time: 11 am – 3 pm & 6 pm – 11 pm

Phone: 037 301 8883

Pizzas from 180,000 VND

Pizza 4P’s

4P stands for "for peace," which means to live happily with a positive outlook on life while having mental and physical peace. This massively popular pizza chain offers Japanese Italian-style pizzas because it started in Tokyo with a simple backyard pizza oven. And now it has over a dozen locations throughout Vietnam, including Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, and Nha Trang. In Hanoi, Pizza 4P’s has eight branches.

What sets Pizza 4P's apart comes from the motto “from farm to table” and “house-made cheese”. They ensure the freshness and quality of the ingredients with strict hygiene standards.

Pizza in Pizza 4P's. Photo by Pizza 4P's

All facilities of Pizza 4P's have luxurious space and beautiful decoration, the faintly pleasant aroma of essential oils mixed with the smell of food. There are many private spaces for guests to enjoy a cozy meal with family and friends.

Phone: 028 3622 0500

Open time: 10 am - 9 pm (these hours vary slightly from location)

Pizzas from 150,000 VND


  • Ground Floor, Indochina Plaza Hanoi, 241 Xuan Thuy, Dich Vong Hau, Cau Giay, Hanoi
  • 6th Floor, Vincom Pham Ngoc Thach mall, 2 Pham Ngoc Thach, Trung Tu, Dong Da, Hanoi
  • 1st Floor, Keangnam Hanoi Landmark 72 Building, Me Tri Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi
  • 1st & 2nd Floor, Hoang Thanh Tower, 114 Mai Hac De street, Le Dai Hanh ward, Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi (Next to Vincom Ba Trieu)
  • 11B Bao Khanh Alley, Hang Trong ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
  • F1, A14-18 1st floor, Lotte Center Hanoi, 54 Lieu Giai, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi
  • 5 Phan Ke Binh, Ba Dinh District, Ha Noi
  • 43 Trang Tien, Hoan Kiem District, Ha Noi

Da Paulo

Stepping into Da Paolo, you will be amazed because the space is decorated up to 90% in Italian style. Unlike other places, the pizza at Da Paolo is a pizza baked grilled with charcoal. When customers order, they knead the dough and processing it.

Pizza in Da Paolo. Photo by metrip

Remember that pizza here is only one size large and has a thin base with all ingredients spread on top of the cake. Thus, when enjoying, you will feel the crispy layer of cake, the smell of flour wafting around your throat, delicious and flavorful.

Besides, the highest plus point belongs to cheese. It has a lovely aroma and taste. Also, there is a special spicy sauce here, and no ketchup is used, so if you can eat spicily, you will love it.

Da Paolo only has one address near the romantic West Lake with a small but warm space, making diners feel close to home. On beautiful sunny days, try sitting at the balcony table, order a wood-fired pizza with the aroma of wood and a plate of hot noodles, watch the tranquil lake and enjoy.

Address: 32 Tay Ho Street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi

Open time: 10 am - 11 pm

Phone: 0437 186 317

Pizza from 350,000 VND

La Bodega

If you want a thick crust pizza, La Bodega is the perfect place to come. It’s a French family-owned pizzeria. They make pizza by hand-tossed and wood-fired to perfection.

Pizza in La Bodega. Photo by La Bodega

Located in the peach garden ecological area, the restaurant has a green garden of up to 300 m2. Besides the outdoor space, the French owner also built a house with prominent yellow walls inside, suitable for windy days.

Sitting together on a rustic wooden table and chairs, enjoying a delicious Italian wood-fired pizza or a plate of rich bolognese noodles, sipping a glass of wine under the shade of mulberry trees… all will contribute to a memorable meal evening for you.

Address: 56/139 Alley, Thach Cau street, Long Bien, Hanoi

Open time: Tuesday - Friday: 5 pm - 10 pm, Saturday and Sunday: 11 am - 11 pm, Monday closed

Phone: 097 144 48 54

Pizzas from 140,000 VND

NYC Pizza

If you miss those greasy New York-style slices, NYC Pizza will be your new nirvana. It's Hanoi's first and only NYC slice restaurant, serving pizza whole or by the slice for 49,000 VND.

Crispy based pizza in NYC Pizza. Photo by NYC Pizza

Toppings change depending on what's in a season that day, but you can always count on the classics: Margherita and Pepperoni pizzas. These are flat, wide, and super cheesy and are typically eaten by folding them in half rather than using a fork and knife.

The restaurant's atmosphere and food are as close to New York as you can get in Hanoi's Old Quarter. If you'd experiment with different flavors, order your pizza in slices instead.

Address: 63 Ma May, Hang Buom, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Open time: Monday - Thursday: 11.30 am – 12.30 am, Friday - Sunday: 11.30 am – 2 am

Phone: 096 561 00 69

Pizzas from 49,000 VND per slice

Cowboy Jack’s

Cowboy Jack’s American Dining has a long, rather impressive name. It has two branches in Hanoi. The first impression of diners when entering the restaurant is that the space is wonderfully spacious, the tables and chairs are neat and clean. There are many rooms, and the dining tables are suitable for enjoying with friends and relatives.

Chicago Pizza in Cowboy Jack’s American Dining. Photo by Cowboy Jack’s American Dining

Cowboy Jack's American Dining pizza is delicious, always hot, and not sick. Pizza crust is stuffed and brewed carefully. The filling hides in the crust, making everyone curious and want to discover it immediately.

Specifically, the fillings from chicken, minced beef sauce, bacon, seafood, mozzarella sauce to salami. The food here is quite quality, also has several other cakes depending on everyone’s liking.


  • 8 Trang Thi, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
  • 17T4 Hoang Dao Thuy Building, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi

Open time: 10 am - 10 pm

Phone: 1900 6622

Pizzas from 199,000 VND

Pizza Company

The Pizza Company, based in Thailand, is a well-established chain. Now they have a lot of branches in Hanoi.

The Pizza Company understands Asian culinary preferences. So they offer a variety of tasty pizzas with signature thick fillings and premium cheeses. You might snigger after looking at the puff selection. But they are delicious, a lot better than they look, which is a fairly standard shape among Southeast Asians.

Pizza in The Pizza Company. Photo by cafebiz

Thin pizza, extra loaded pan pizza, jumbo pizza, extreme pizza and incredibly delicious Green Pesto Seafood pizza – are some of the most popular pizza lines at The Pizza Company. Just try once to feel a piece of pizza here; you will understand why this brand is so famous.

The Pizza Company's facilities have a spacious space with yellow-brown color. But the layout is slightly different. Its chain is designed to be open, not divided between areas, to create friendliness and customer closeness. The highlights are expressed through the sophistication in every corner, from the delicate chandelier with warm golden light to the sophisticated and luxurious motifs.

Open time: 9:30 am - 9:30 pm

Phone: 1900 6066

Pizzas from 99,000 VND


  • 333 Cau Giay Street, Dich Vong Ward, Cau Giay District
  • 458 Minh Khai, Vinh Tuy Ward, Hai Ba Trung District
  • 30 Doan Tran Nghiep, Bui Thi Xuan Ward, Hai Ba Trung District
  • 31 Xuan Dieu, Quang AN Ward, Tay Ho District
  • 27A2 Building, 234 Pham Van Dong, Co Nhue 1, Ba Tu Liem District
  • 72A Nguyen Trai, Thuong Dinh Ward, Thanh Xuan District
  • 3rd floor, 27 Co Linh, Long Bien Ward, Long Bien District
  • AEON Mall Ha Dong, Hoang Van Thu Street, Duong Noi Ward, Ha Dong District
  • 24 Nguyen Co Thach, Golden Field Building, Cau Dien Ward, Nam Tu Liem District
  • 3 Linh Dam Lake, Hoang Liet Ward, Hoang Mai District
  • 4th floor, Tran Duy Hung Street, Trung Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District
  • BT16 Nguyen Van Loc Street, Mo Lao Ward, Ha Dong District

As you see, pizza in Hanoi ranges from simple-yet-delicious slices to authentic wood-fired pies that you'd happily eat every weekend. So, if you don't want to waste time searching the web for where to eat pizza in Hanoi, add one of these above spots to your itinerary!