Are you ready to experience the Water Rafting in Cairns?

Next to the national parks, beautiful beaches and the world's most modern shopping centers, among them are the gorgeous waterfalls and glamorous rivers that are popular with many travelers, especially who love adventuring and hazarding, consider it as a place to challenge courage themselves and create a new feeling in a completely new way to admire the beauty of nature on both sides of the river flowing at the same time. How fascinating! You are now ready to experience the Water Rafting in Cairns? Let's explore the great things inside this exciting game.

Water Rafting
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Cairns water rafting

Australia is a paradise for relaxation, shopping and a great place to explore. Australia is one of the convergence of famous, unique and beautiful landscapes in the world, isolated between the two great oceans of the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean, Australia as a fairy country is separated from the outside world, where human beings live in harmony with nature and are affectionate by the natural mother for many beautiful and attractive landscapes. And because of this, many tourists around the world have chosen Australia as the ideal destination for vacations, holidays or simply listing it in places of need and discovering once in their lifetime, and many of them become attached and fascinated by the grandiose attraction of nature and people here that decided to return several times later.

water rafting in cairns
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Adventure and water rafting tourists often come to cairns, vicinity of the cairns area, and many travel companies and agents are willing to recommend a variety of options for roaming on rivers. There are two renowned rivers in cairns that attract many tourists are the Tully River and the Barron River. They are sought after for water rafting and experiencing great sensations with their family and friends in moments of laughter and screaming in excitement while crossing the rocks, obstacles during the journey.Traveling for approximate 2 hours from south of the Cairns, you can reach one of the majestic rivers of relatively high difficulty compared to some of the water rafters, but it is a ideal river for the professional rafter and challenging themselves at various levels of difficulty, none other than the name Tully River. The river has high slopes and rapids, winding currents, steep streams and fast, intense water, and is maintained at a steady level thanks to the Kareeya Hydro Power Station. This station always ensures enough water for the river to meet the needs of frequent water rafting of many visitors here, including in the dry season. Tully River is a fascinating river and captivates many visitors because not only do you have the opportunity to experience the thrill of riding as the glider for five hours through the trials, steep and rapids throughout the journey, you can also look at the gorgeous scenery of the Tully Gorge National Park on both sides of the river, feeling very chilling, like you have been in a ghost house and  around covered by the romantic scene, not only fear, both nervous and happy with what the trip brings for you. But to row for this raft you have to make sure you have enough skilled and experience in the rivers, falls roughly equivalent to the Tully River because not everyone is brave enough to sit on a raft that there is no one who knows about water rafting. It is obvious that to ensure the safety of your family and yourself, you should seek the help of a intense experience and well-trained instructor for this position.

Water Rafting
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If you are not a professional of water rafting or have a fear of the danger of this game, but still want to experience the wonderful and magnificent things that this trip brings, the useful advice is to try white water rafting in Barron River, which is about 30 minutes from Cairns, so it's easy to get yourself there. Why do we say that this river is quite safe for you because their level is only for beginners of water rafting but it does not mean that you are completely safe to board on the raft without any instructions, specific direction from the experienced tour guide of this area, so it is better to hire an experienced water raft guide to support and help your trip. Like the Tully River, along the banks of the Barron River is the Barron Gorge National Park, one of the historic heritage preserved until nowadays. If you do not have much time to stay in Cairns, Barron River is the ideal place to meet your dream in the short term

White water rafting Cairns

water rafting
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Around the two rivers of Barron and Tully’s areas, there are always craft and float services for lease, so you can be sure of yourself to experience water rafting without the need of any other travel agents. As we mentioned above you need more rafting skills when driving crafting over rapids, steep slopes and having a strong flow like the Tully River. In particular, the Tully River has held several white water rafting competitions to encourage the water rafting to become a official sport. Water rafting requires players to be mentally stable, withstand the impact of obstacles during the trip, especially to swim, although before sitting on the raft, each rafter was equipped with swimwear and a thorough helmet. Depending on the width of the raft where the number of people allowed to sit up will flexible, there are rafts that can accommodate up to 11, 12 people, however if you just want to spend happy time with family and relatives you should choose the craft that can hold 7.8 people is best and includes the instructor for you. At the start of crafting, there will be less shaking because the raft will move from upstream, so the water currents will be less swift-flowing, as if your glider were moving slowly up to start accelerating downwards, The flow of water will be an adventure between thrill and excitement as the rider will continuously turn to avoid rocks in the middle of the flowing, climb up the rapids and drop down in the rapids of the falls. Visitors will have the opportunity to be screaming just in time with other rafters. The water flowing faster and faster, at this time the oarsman must be strong psychological and extremely skillful to dodge the right, climb up and slide down the slope to both create strong feelings for visitors but still safe for them. The end of the journey is to stay in the heart of visitors is the excitement in the heart pounding in the chest but makes them feel more relaxed and comfortable than ever at the same time. It is the feeling when you conquer the hardest challenge of your life.

Things you should bring before and during your trip

Water rafting has always attracted many guests who love to challenge themselves and yearn for adventure journeys, but because of this special characteristic, let's take a look at the pre and post remarks throughout your trip.

  • By the river, you have to bring enough swimwear for the trip, not necessarily have to wear bikini because if you are afraid you can choose for yourself a short pants, T-shirt simple, convenient for you.
  • Sunscreen, shoes (preferably sandals, waterproof as possible), disinfectants (used in case you were hit during the move), sunscreen.
  • Do not put on expensive jewelry, watches or scratched, frailer objects, especially phones because the path of water crafting is very unstable and winding and easy to collide and fall into the river and it's hard to seek, but the riverside area is always equipped with digital photography stations in variety of aspects, ensuring the sharpest and most beautiful images for visitors who want to make a memorial.
  • Always wear a life jacket, a good helmet and balance on raft because the raft is prone to shaking and jerky whenever it passes through a waterfall or rocky outcroppings, so it is advisable to choose rafts sufficiently. The number of members are strictly prohibited and may not exceed the number of persons specified because of the risk to themselves and others on the raft.

Enjoy the interesting information about water rafting in Cairns in above. We hope to provide you with an overview of this exciting game. Let's find out more interesting things through our website.