An amazing day trip to Platypus Park: what to see

Australia is known as a green island in the middle of the ocean, so it is obvious that many special zones and national parks have been developed, many of which have become interesting attractions for tourists including Platypus Park, so let’s go for an amazing day trip to Platypus Park.

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Platypus Park Cairns

When coming to Australia, many people will look forward to seeing a large country floating in the middle of the ocean, dream resorts, white sands stretching along beautiful beaches, lovely and funny animals of the world free to grow and preserve in the warm tropical jungle. Many people also think of the colorful shimmering and misty scenery when the leaves change color as each season passes. The country has a complex climax: a mixture of tropical and mild climate, nature is endowed with a variety of colors, and each season creates unique characteristics to soothe many visitors everywhere. Australia is a paradise of nature and animals, and the fauna have been protected by the government or the inhabitants themselves, and survived with humans to this very day. Residents have learned to coexist with nature and find harmony with their surroundings, so don’t be startled if you encounter squirrels or ferrets walking through a street intersection, or even your home.

Platypus Park
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Situated near the city of Cairns, Platypus Park is located on Tarzali, on the Malanda, which is known as Australia's largest platypus conservation park. The park will allow the first tour at 9am and receive the last tour at 4pm, the time is flexible and wide-open for many tours to operate during the day or overnight. Spacious, airy, and cool, platypus park promises to be an attractive destination for you, your family and friends on weekends or stress relief holidays. Here you have the opportunity to see platypus ducks that were previously only seen on television screens or books about natural fauna. In order to create a natural environment for the development of the platypus, plants are naturally grown in accordance with the habitat of the platypus. Without much intervention by artificial means, nature here is quite untouched, keeping pace with a leisurely and peaceful rural life, far from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

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In order to serve the increasing demand of tourists, many restaurants and beverage shops have sprung up to provide conveniences for customers, including the famous smoked restaurant which is the ideal place to stop for good and quality meals for many guests, and where visitors are free to share and learn about the knowledge of the flora and fauna, especially the platypus from the staff. The restaurant has a variety of fresh food at reasonable prices, serving breakfast and lunch for guests from 8am to 4pm. You can sip a cup of coffee with a light breakfast before strolling around the lake, watching the lovely ducks and listening to the instructor tell interesting stories about the life of people and animals here. The inhabitants around this area live mainly on fishing and cultivating vegetables. You will have the opportunity to meet, talk to the inhabitants, and you may even get some tips on aquaculture! If this sounds like your type of scene, this is a great experience for you.

Atherton Platypus Park

Platypus Park
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Approximately 94 km from Cairns to Atherton, Atherton Platypus Park is another platypus park located in Atherton, and despite being smaller than Platypus Park in Cairns, Atherton Platypus Park is another option for travelers to see the platypus and fauna in their natural habitats. Atherton Platypus Park is also a natural habitat for platypus survival, and like Platypus in Cairns, you have the perfect opportunity to see the lovely ducks swimming in the lake, diving down in the middle of the lake to create waves of undulating water, which is interesting especially for families with little children. They will be curious and excited when they can see the animals that they just appeared on the TV show before. Less than 10% of Australians have seen the platypus in person, because even at the platypus conservation park, they are rarely seen by visitors, so with patience and little luck, you’ll be able to see them appear and swim in the lake, even if it’s just a glimpse.

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Atherton Platypus Park is still open to the public every day, and there are several beverage outlets for visitors. However, to get near the lake or platypus during the opening hours of the park you must have a escort and follow the instructions. Although not as large as Platypus Park in Cairns, many people still choose this place as one of the destinations that should come once in Atherton. If you really love the platypus parks and can’t get enough, you can even visit both! Commuting between the two parks is relatively convenient and easy, as both freeways and bus routes give you the option of using public or private transportation. It takes about 2 or 3 hours to drive from Cairns to Atherton, and all along the way you’ll be able to enjoy spectacular landscapes.

What you can do in platypus park cairns

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The platypus is specie hardly caught in Australia, so they are curious and fascinating for tourists to visit and find good fortune to see them once in their life. But in addition to looking for opportunities to admire them leisurely swimming in the tranquil lake, and you can enjoy your weekend trip in an integral and memorable way. Let us go through a few other things you can find on your trip

  • If you do not want to spend the night at platypus park, you can rent an accommodation in a hotel or motel outside of the vicinity such as Atherton and Cairns, which offer options for everyone and vary in price from the hostels ro five-star hotels.
  • If you want to save the cost of engaging and want to experience the wildlife, immersed in pristine nature where the platypus lives together, camping in the park is not a bad idea. Starting after 4pm when the last tour ends, the restaurants and outlets in the park are closed, you have complete freedom of living, outdoor parties, entertainment and fresh air here. Obviously, you must be allowed by the park management authorities.
  • With family and friends, make a lot of noteworthy memories during a photo shoot or in the rare moments where you encounter a platypus.

Things you should not do in the platypus park

In order to preserve the wildlife and the platypus's ideal habitat, many travelers are required to follow the rules set out to create balance and comfort between tourists and nature.

  • During the tour of the park, visitors should be accompanied by escorts to guide, and inform them of the necessary regulations in the park as well as ensure safety and help visitors in emergency situations.
  • Visitors are not allowed to throw litter at the platypus habitat, so you must tuck the trash into a bag, backpack, or other items you carry during the trip and throw them in the dustbins or waste disposal areas that you find.
  • Do not let the platypus eat the food you bring, no matter how good it is because some of the ingredients in the food can be harmful to their health.
  • You are advised not to bring a lot of light-emitting devices and make a lot of noise as they can frighten the platypus and cause it to run away. This includes flash photography so please be mindful while within the park.

The Platypus Parks are the ideal destination for weekends or short-term holidays and it is great if your kids are interested in learning and seeing these beautiful animals up close and in person. Keep up to date on our website and find the trip you are searching for.