A vacation for your soul: Mission Beach

Large families may have a hard time finding a vacation that caters to every generation. Going hiking might be challenging for oldies, while visiting historical sites may not appeal to young kids. However, people of all ages love beaches. Beaches, unlike other tourist attractions, are ideal for both the adults’ laid-back attitude and kids’ fun-loving and always-moving nature. Out of all the beaches around the world, the Mission Beach of Australia is arguably the beach with the best diversity in cultures, natural habitats, and activities. We’ll go through some of the best things to do during our time here in Mission Beach.

Situated in Queensland, one of the most famous coasts in the world, Mission Beach is categorized as a small village. In reality, however, the so-called small village is actually made up of 4 villages from south to north: South Mission Beach, Wongaling Beach, Mission Beach, Bingil Bay, Brooks Beach and Carmoo and linked by 14 kilometer of wild gold sand. This beach offers you some of the most vibrant arts and cultures, blending very well with unique tourist attractions, and in this article you’ll have a list of things to do in Mission Beach

1. Great Barrier Reef

One of the greatest gifts of mother nature is the reef, and the Great Barrier Reef has earned a reputation for owing probably the most colorful and diverse reefs in Australia. If you’re a fan of swimming, or if you enjoy taking great risks under the seas, you’ll fall in love with this place. Snorkeling, diving, and sightseeing are the three options you can choose to explore this ethereal beauty of nature. With a location of just 1 hour away by boat from Mission Beach, the Great Barrier Reef is usually the most visited site for travelers. Prepare yourself or you will be blown away by its wilderness, as the feeling of being surrounded by reefs is just surreal.

mission beach
From a bird’s eye view, the place looks like both a well-painted picture and a photo taken from a surreal landscape. Instagram: @greatbarrierreeftours
coral reef
This is the diversity in the place’s wilderness and beauty. Instagram: @greatbarrierreeftours

2. See Southern Cassowary

Mission Beach prides itself on being the natural habitat of a variety of species, including the endangered cassowary. This strangely beautiful looking but flightless bird can be seen through fields and paddocks, across roads, through resorts and often through locals’ gardens. As beautiful as it is, this bird can be dangerous for visitors if not getting proper instructions, so children had better be kept away from this creature. Besides the cassowary, there are other birds in Mission Beach, and Lost Paradise is a haven for twitchers, as they can live among the birds in the most natural way possible. If your children love science and want some firsthand experience observing a rare bird species, you’re at the right place.

mission beach
Such a beautiful creature, albeit not very friendly. Instagram: @matncathy

3. Lost Paradise

Luxurious but private, Lost Paradise will surely give you an unforgettable experience. Lying in the heart of a rainforest, the accommodation caters to every couple looking for a change fg scenery by surrounding themselves with nature. The place is the ultimate combination of wilderness and civilization, providing everything that a visitor could ask for: a resort-style pool, a relaxing hot spa, or outdoor entertaining facilities including a barbecue, fridge, tables, and chairs. Nothing can top the feeling of dining and chilling in the pool while catching sights of birds and animals. At a 10-minute drive from Mission Beach, its convenience is unquestionable, as visitors can find anything they need. It’s quite costly, but worth the price.

mission beach
A nice getaway for travelers, especially after a long time working in crowded and noisy cities.

4. Mamu Tropical Skywalk

A must-visit place for any visitors, the Mamu Rainforest Canopy Walkway is an iconic tourist attraction in the Wet Tropics. Built with a 350 meter long elevated walkway through a cantilever, the canopy, a 37 meter observation tower and around more than 1200 meters of walking tracks, this site is too spectacular to be ignored. The cantilever overlooks the North Johnstone river gorge, while the 37 meter tower offers boards views over a refreshingly natural mountainous landscape where the Mamu Aboriginal people reside. Surrounded by nature, visitors will appreciate the genius of the architects for constructing such a complex but environmentally friendly skywalk. Each step taken is a new view of the rainforest. The location is also close to other National Park walking tracks and picnic areas, making it a must-do experience. With a price of $14 AUD for children from 5 to 15 and $21 - $25 AUD for adults, this location is worth a visit, as travelers have given it good remarks. Also, different discounted rates are available for families and pre-booked groups.

mission beach
Visitors will be amazed by the wonderful scenery that could hardly be found elsewhere. Instagram: @mamutropicalskywalk

5. Paronella Park Tours

Associated with an interesting history about its formation, the park is built uniquely next to Mena Creek Falls by José Paronella. Though Paronella Park may seem conventional and closely connected with nature, the park is equipped with great modern facilities such as  tennis courts, bridges, a tunnel, and is wrapped up in an amazing range of 7,500 tropical plants and trees. The park itself bears a great resemblance to an old castle, making it too attractive to resist. On their arrival to the park, the guests are greeted by its Asian-looking appearance, bearing a slight resemblance to the Angkor Wat of Laos but with higher level of modernity. No one would expect such a masterpiece in a place far away from Asia like Australia. Visitors will be greeted by local staff upon arrival and take part in a 45-minute tour around the park’s gardens and castle ruins.

mission beach
An angle of the castle. Instagram: @missionbeachtourism
mission beach
Unpredictably, the castle still functions well despite its old appearance. Instagram: @vinke34

6. Reinsdown horse riding - Tully

As a child growing up, you must have seen at least one cowboy movie where the characters ride their horses and have some showdown. As glorious as the actors look in the movies, horse riding can be tricky, but it won’t take long to successfully ride a crazily wild horse, not in Reinsdown. Just 3-minute away from North Queensland, this provides visitors, especially city residents, the biggest chance to collect some farm experiences. After an introductory lesson in an undercover riding arena, the travelers will visit horses and cattle and are allowed to have personal interactions with them. They then proceed to go through pristine rainforest trails crossing beautiful mountain streams, as well as discovering some rare species in the region such as the Ulysses butterfly and Wallabies. The main activities there are farm experience (1 hour), riding lessons (beginner to advanced), and horses for photo shoots.

mission beach
With the help of the professionals from Reinsdown, horse riding is a piece of cake.

7. Raging Thunder adventures

River rafting is usually considered to be a game for the bold, the brave, and strong. However, families can join together for the most adventurous activity in Mission Beach, conquering the most famous rafting river across Australia and New Zealand, the Mighty Tully River. Located in spectacular surroundings only 2 hours south of Cairns, with departures from Cairns, Northern Beaches and Mission Beach, this river cannot be missed on the list of must-visit places by visitors coming here. Another option for such an interesting game is rafting the Barron River just outside of Cairns. Rafting for half of a day is quite suitable for rookies while those who enjoy the adventure can sign up for more.

In order to deliver the best feeling of a rafting game and ensure guests’ safety, there are other features such as: highly trained guides, air-conditioned coach transfers, lunch, and professional photographers that will take pictures of the trip.

mission beach
What is better than rafting and having some random conversations with another family? Instagram: @german.masterpiece

What is better than rafting and having some random conversations with another family? Instagram: @german.masterpiece

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With such a diversity in cultures, natural habitats, and activities available for travelers, spending time here is surely a no-brainer. Visitors will be taken care of in the best way possible while having one of the best times of their life. The Mission Beach, without a doubt, has all of the package, from offering romantic getaways, risky adventures for explorers, to family holidays. This tourist attraction is one-of-a-lifetime experience, and it should not be skipped by any avid travelers.