A detailed guide to a ride in a hot air balloon in Cairns

It is impossible to wrap all their grandiose beauty in a short trip and that is why many tourists decide to return many times to explore different places in Australia. There is, however, another mode of travel that many tourists choose for a fun and unique experience but no less romantic and exciting is watching the whole of Australia from above on a hot air balloon. Yes, not on a helicopter but a balloon, please join us to find out what's interesting in a detailed guide to a ride in a hot air balloon and do not forget to always follow the website to update more services and experiences in other attractive places.

hot air balloon in cairns
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Experience hot air balloon in Cairns

Australia is a wonderland of nature and all kinds of creatures. It is a large green island isolated and lonely in the midst of the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, surrounded by other small islands and a Great Barrier Reef undersea. Many people know Australia as an independent nation with a well developed economy and is the ideal resort destination, complete with busy shopping streets and beautiful beaches next to the resort. Australia is becoming more and more popular with both domestic and foreign tourists, many of whom are eager to return many times after visiting. Naturally, there’s so much to do that lovers of travel and experience can try something new everyday in this beautiful country. Australia is richly endowed with a majestic nature and amazing scenery that mixes tropical and temperate climates, and visitors never cease to marvel at the magical transformation and the sparkling of every scene here.

hot air balloon in cairns
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Unlike other types of  a day trip, the hot air balloon is recommended for visitors to join in the early morning of the day from 4:30 am to 5 am. The relatively quiet time in Cairns is comfortable, and visitors can fully enjoy the magnificent panorama of nature grandeur in a completely new way, covering the whole scenery of Tropical North Queensland from above. Especially at the moment the sun slowly protrudes from the distant horizon, shining the first gentle sunshine through the canopy, foliage and gently kissing your hair, cheeks; giving the signal for starting a new day in Australia and you are the first one to welcome it. In fact, hot air balloons are organized and arranged by travel agencies, because usually the size of a huge balloon can hold up to 20 people so if you travel alone or with family, friends do not worry because you can enjoy the experience with other travelers on the same basket. Make sure you are adventurous and not afraid of altitude, and enjoy your trip as there will always be a professional and well-trained pilot who controls the balloon for you in the safest way.

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When the balloon takes off, it's time for you to follow the instructions given by the staff to jump to the basket at an elevated level as they begin to leave the ground. You may wobble and strain a little bit, but it’s like jumping on a ship when it is anchored: soon you’ll have your legs under you no problem! Then, it will feel like floating, excessively light as if you are flying when the balloon slowly lifts off the ground and hovers like the bird flying toward the sky. If you've ever dreamed of flying in the sky like "Peter Pan", or like fairies of fairy tale, this is the closest you can get without actually jumping out (please don’t try). From above, you will feel the freshness in the air, breathe in the cool air in the chest, perceive the peace and calm of the morning as you listen to the wind blowing, pushing your hot air balloon to follow the call of wildlife of nature and even feeling like that you can stand to reach that blue sky. The whole world will suddenly be zoomed out in the sight of your eyes, with a wide view of the sea, the sky, the green fields, the dense woods with lush trees, sometimes you’ll be able to catch kangaroos from the jungle or bush or a small deer wandering to enjoy his meal.

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If you are the type of person who does not like heights, do not be too worried, because here the service is always customizable in all forms, from high, to medium, to low altitude options that cater to your preference. You will have the opportunity to admire the majestic natural scenery, the fertile, velvety green fields adjacent to your side that is not too high, making the most of the middle of the air and the earth, the freedom that comes from the heart and spreads joy to relatives, friends and even strangers on the hot air balloon. Enjoy jokes and share beautiful moments of the life among the fresh sunshine of the morning, the murmur of nature and your heart melting in the face of their majestic beauty, all those making magic in an epic and poetic picture frame.

How to book a hot air balloon tours

Hot Air Balloon Cairns
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Due to the irresistible charm of the balloon, many companies, and travel agents in Cairns are expanding this mode of tour. Because of the flexibility of time and the convenience of multiple combinations of sightseeing locations in one trip, visitors will have more choices for their trip. The time for a hot air balloon varies approximately from 30 minutes to 60 minutes (if you deal with participating in two hot air balloon flights, the second flight’s itinerary will be different from the first one). Make sure you check conditions before visiting the entire Atherton Tablelands, Cairns and Port Douglas, and keep in mind you are served a breakfast to start the next itinerary scheduled. Often you must wake up before 4 am or 4:30 am if you want to experience the early morning in the hot air balloon at 5 am, therefore, you should choose your accommodation near the departure area in the Cairns vicinity or surrounding hotels or travel agencies that are able to pick you up at a certain location so as not to miss your trip.You can be assured that the pilot of your hot air balloon is professionally trained and has a clear license, giving confidence and loyalty to you, at a certain height, pilot will consider and control the hot air balloon to match the wind direction and balance for the balloon. The two best locations for the hot air balloon are Cairns Highlands and Atherton Tableland because of its relatively high terrain, steady and consistent winds, convenient for maintaining and adjusting trips. It is very important that the pilot selects a safe location from above before landing. From above you will have a chance to see nature and enjoy the peace and quiet of the views in early morning covering the entire life of the inhabitant below the lower depression and cheerful with the waves of sparkling glass of wine in the golden sunshine after finishing a great trip.

Important remarks for a fulfilling hot air balloon experience

Traveling by hot air balloon is a new experience but also new and fascinating  to many people. With the features of this mode of sightseeing, people need to pay attention to the following points to choose a quality trip.

  • Please be mindful if you are afraid of heights or are sensitive to altitude changes and anxiety. Once you lift off the ground it is difficult and inconvenient to come back down outside of the designated areas.
  • Children can be brought to the hot air balloon, as long as they are older than 4 years old and are not afraid of height because the hot air balloon basket’s wedges are big enough for them to see through.
  • Always remember to wear helmets and a parachute coat before embarking on a balloon to make sure that you are always safe in all situations.

Hot air ballooning is an exciting and interesting travel experience. If you are not afraid of high altitude and love to explore the world in different new ways, go to the hot air balloon tour in Cairns! Follow our website to keep up with the tips and recommendations of other great trips.