A Day Trip To Green Islands In Cairns

Along with a white sand beach, blue water and colorful coral reefs underwater, Green Island offers an irresistible experience befitting of the region. So today, we’ll be walking you through a detailed guide on day trips to Green Island in Cairns. Stay tuned to keep yourselves updates and informed on how to best spend your time here! Green Island in Cairns – paradise of the green

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Green island - A place of the hole in the nose

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Located in Coral Sea, belonging to Cairns city, Queensland, Australia, the Green Island has a meager 0.15 km2 area but it is enough to create a wonderland. Quite different from the dark blue of the sea, Green Island earns its namesake, having the charm of a woodland fairy amidst the gorgeous green landscape. The name “Green Island” is actually a modern name given to this island. Originally, it was called “dabuukji” by the indigenous tribes that resided here, with its name meaning "place of the hole in the nose". Initially, Green Island was just a small marsh that, thanks to waves, sand, rain and a number of other factors, caused the landmass to expand into what it is today. Since the 20th century, this place has become more popular among tourists, choosing it as their next destination to relax and rest. This has directly lead to the surge of hotels, resorts, and entertainment options that have sprung up in recent years.

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The name “Green Island” comes not only from the ocean's watercolors surrounding the island, but also the green of nature and the diverse ecosystems of the island. Surrounded by ocean, the trees on the island rely on rainwater and freshwater from the underground water reserves of the island, covering the island's surface in a fresh, green color. This also makes the atmosphere cool and pleasant, far away from the bustling atmosphere of the rushing city.

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The white beach sand hugs the sea while the fluttering of the waves creates a rhythmic background to allow your soul and heart to reach a state of peace and serenity. In addition, Green Island is famous for also being near the Great Barrier Reef.

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The Reef is a main attraction for tons of visitors a year, with more than 3,000 reefs extending across more than 2,600 sq. km. It is the largest coral reef in the world, and a haven for thousands of undersea species. The feeling of sitting on the white sand, watching the sun slowly rise from the far side of the island, gradually shedding light on the plant life of the island is truly a wonderful experience.

What awaits you on Green Island?

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Along with the popularity of the Green Island, more and more tours have emerged with more choices, from short to long term, from day trips to weekends just to visit and explore the natural beauty and scenery here. Therefore, to meet the needs of relaxation and recreation of the number of tourists, many hotels and resorts have been born and the scale is improving to offer the best quality for tourists. Many resorts have decided to use a water filter system to purify water for daily use on the island. Green Island has a long and wide coastline creating the most beautiful and poetic beaches, and visitors can comfortably wade in clear blue water, swim in cool water or release stress more relaxing water options.

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Outdoor activities are also encouraged, especially team sports such as volleyball, basketball, football, etc. One of the most natural landscapes that most visitors want to visit is the Great Barrier Reef. With a pair of diving suits, air vents and diving glasses, travelers can easily navigate through the water and look at the colorful coral reefs with varying shapes and sizes, and aquatic species, fish, organisms living around the reef. If you equip yourself with a waterproof camcorder, you can completely record wonderful moments of nature that are created underwater.

Green Island day trip from Cairns

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Nowadays, there are so many tours going to the Green Island so visitors also have many options to choose from to best suit their needs. Note, it takes about 40 minutes to reach the Green Island. What you need to do first is book your hotel about a month in advance, especially during holidays and vacations. You need to book earlier to ensure the favorable accommodation.

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A day trip will be great if you want to enjoy the full beauty of the Green Island during the day. Walking around the island, breathing fresh air and admiring the dawn in the morning, will definitely calm your mind, then you can comfortably swim in cool water before having the breakfast at the restaurant. Even on the island, there is helicopter service for visitors to admire the beauty of the Green Island from the air and customize the request of the customer or use the canoe to transport tourists around the " the reef”.

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The water surface is so clear that you can even see some coral reefs near the shore. In the afternoon you can reward yourself with an adventure under the sea of Green Island and record a memorable short movie. In the evening you can sip a bit of gentle wine beside the surf on the shore or relax in thefreshwater pools of the resort to feel the magic that Green Island brings to you before you depart to return to everyday life.

Some tips and tricks for your trip

There are approximately three boats departing from Cairns to the island every day and it takes you about 40 minutes to get to this romantic island.To ensure the best experience, be careful to prepare all the necessary items and equipment.

  • If you are easily seasick, prepare drugs or anti-motion sickness while on board, as 40 minutes floating on the water is quite the commute.
  • Going to Green Island, make sure you don’t miss the chance to swim in the ocean so be sure to have enough swimming costumes, underwear and even diving gear in case you visit the Great Barrier Reef. A waterproof camera also is a great idea to get those great underwater shots.
  • If you don’t want to go in the water you can fully admire the coral through the glass under the bottom of the boat, or visit the museum on the island to learn more of the history and landscape here.
  • Make sure you have plenty of sunscreen and insect repellent.

Here are the essentials you need to start planning for your vacation in Green Island. Green Island will be a promising destination for your family, friends and loved ones. Hopefully with the information we have provided, it will help you have great experience on your upcoming trip. Do not hesitate to visit our website to check out more interesting travel destinations!