A complete guide to exploring Elephant waterfall

Da Lat Elephant Waterfall near Linh An Pagoda is an exciting tourist destination for those who love the majestic natural beauty. It has a fast-flowing waterfall all year round, mysterious caves, and countless exciting things that bring new experiences for first-time visitors here.

About Dalat Elephant Waterfall

Located about 25km southwest of DaLat city center, Elephant Waterfall, also known as Lieng Rowoa waterfall, is one of the three largest waterfalls of the Central Highlands. This Da Lat tourist destination's wild and majestic beauty makes many visitors admire and be impressed every time they come here.

Elephant waterfall has a height of more than 30 meters and a width of more than 15 meters. Streams of water swirl, flow violently day and night with white foam. Make you feel like they are immersed in nature. Feeling incredibly refreshing and endless makes tourists forget all their fatigue. Enjoy the calm, pure nature. Like many waterfalls of the windy Highlands, Da Lat Elephant Waterfall is associated with the love story of a Co Ho couple. Their fidelity was immortal with heaven and earth, with time.

The Legend of the Elephant waterfalls

According to the ancients, long ago, a village head of Jo Bien had a beautiful daughter. Every time she sings, flowers bloom, forest leaves stop rustling, birds stop singing to hear her voice. She fell in love with the head's son of the next village. He is handsome, intelligent, alert, and courageous to sacrifice for a great cause. They fell in love and vowed to get married. But then one day the young man had to go and kill the enemy to protect the village. But then many years passed without seeing him return.

She painfully finds a deserted mountain where they once dated. She sang earnestly, sadly, in the hope that he would hear it and return to the old place. Then the birds wanted to be touched by her sincerity. They flew in all directions, looking for news of him. Then tell her that he died in battle and will never come back. In great agony, she still sang until she collapsed from exhaustion and could never get up again.

Herds of forest elephants who have heard her sing for a long time have also turned into silent stones. One day, an enormous explosion shook the heavens and the earth, the deserted mountain split in two, breaking horizontally into a large waterfall with white water flowing down a corner of the sky. To commemorate this sad story, the indigenous people of K'Ho have named the waterfall Lieng Rowoa Joi Bien - The waterfall of elephants petrified before their love.

Where is Elephant Waterfall Dalat?

The elephant waterfall tourist area is located in Nam Ban town, Lam Ha district, Lam Dong province. Although it is a tourist area located right in the city, Elephant waterfall still retains its majestic, wild, and dreamy features.

In 2001, Da Lat Elephant Waterfall was recognized as a national landscape relic. Since then, Elephant Waterfall has been known by more and more domestic and international tourists. In particular, this place is beautiful to those passionate about backpacking, conquering and discovering natural beauty, and experiencing new lands.

How to go to DaLat Elephant Waterfall?

From the center of Da Lat city, moving to the Elephant waterfall tourist area is relatively easy. Your journey is about 25 km long. But mostly, the roads are flat, not rough at all. First, from Lam Vien square, you drive to Hoang Van Thu street. Going all the way through this road will enter Cam Ly. From here, you continue to move along the main road. Go to an intersection between Cam Ly and DT725. You go left on DT725 and drive about 20km towards Gia Lam, Lam Ha. Through Lam Ha market, you continue to go back 3 km. At the Gia Lam intersection, you turn right. Go 50 meters and look to the left. You will come to the Elephant Waterfall tourist area. It would help if you asked the people around for directions, rest assured that the locals here are very hospitable and friendly. They will enthusiastically show you the way.

In addition, for young people who love backpacking. Driving from Saigon to Dalat. You can go along Highway 20 to Duc Trong district, Lam Dong province. About 3 km past Lien Nghia market. Here you will see 3 quite large directions, including:

  • Going to Da Lat by 2 lanes highway
  • Going to Da Lat by road
  • Direction to Dak Lak - Dak Nong

You choose the Dak Lak - Dak Nong direction and then drive for about 10km. Look on the right-hand side, and you can see a signpost indicating the direction to Nam Ban, Lam Dong. You continue to go about 10km, go through 2 bridges, to the 3rd bridge you ask for directions to Elephant Waterfall less than 200 meters away.

Previously, to get to Elephant waterfall, you had to go along the Prenn pass, from Lien Khuong in the direction to Dak Lak, to Lam Ha district, then turn to Nam Ban. Now, to get to Elephant Waterfall, from Da Lat city center, you need to go through Ta Nung pass to reach the Elephant waterfall tourist area in Nam Ban.

Ticket price to visit Elephant Waterfall

Unlike the tourist areas in the center of Da Lat city, the ticket price is relatively high. At the Elephant Waterfall tourist area, the ticket price is beautiful.

With only 20,000 VND/adult ticket, you can freely explore the beauty of this most majestic waterfall in the Central Highlands!

The attractive beauty of Dalat Elephant Waterfall

The first thing that visitors feel when coming here is the fresh air covering the landscape. It made the visitor's body relaxed and relaxed after a long trip. How much fatigue seems to disappear. From the gate of the tourist area, walk about 20 meters to reach Elephant Waterfall. The scene here is highly majestic and impressive.

The difference between elephant waterfall and other waterfalls is in conquering. With other waterfalls, we have to climb to the top. Then with Elephant waterfall, you will discover and enjoy the beauty at the foot of the waterfall. When we stand on the top of the waterfall, Elephants are connected by a system of 145 steps, winding like a soft silk strip across the waterfall. The mossy stone steps are attached, hugging the craggy cliffs. The mossy stone steps are attached, hugging the craggy cliffs.

There is a Bat Cave at the foot of the waterfall. This cave has a depth of more than 50 meters above the ground. There are luxuriant, dense trees and intertwined vines right at the cave entrance. This scene, you have seen somewhere in fairy tales about wonderland. The deeper you go into the cave, the more you will feel the temperature change. The temperature drops deeply, so the first thing you should note is that you should bring a jacket if you want to come down here to visit.

In addition, at Elephant waterfall, there are several artificial works, such as the stone slab where the top of the waterfall has the word "Elephant Water Fall" carved very large. The elephant statues that simulate the legend of the elephant dress are amusing and impressive.

Next to Elephant waterfall is Linh An pagoda, one of the unique architectural temples; beautiful landscape. The frontage of the pagoda faces the Elephant waterfall, which flows rapidly all year round, along with four majestic mountains and forests, bringing a relaxed and fresh atmosphere. Some other attractions suitable for you in Da Lat include Dalat Flower Village, cricket farm, Silk factory, or the second-largest wine processing facility in the city.

Some notes when visiting Elephant Falls

To have a smooth and comfortable trip to DaLat elephant waterfall. Please note some experiences below!

  • Visitors should go in the beautiful morning, avoid going in the evening or late afternoon because the DT725 road in the evening is quite dangerous for traffic.
  • Tourists should avoid the cars of ethnic people moving on this road. They often do not follow the law, so they go at high speed, which is very dangerous.
  • You can go in the rainy season because the water upstream will be more. At that time, the water at the waterfall also flows stronger and more beautiful.
  • When visiting Elephant waterfall. Your priority should be wearing sports shoes with anti-slip, water-resistance, and high grip. Do not wear high heels because the way down to the waterfall is quite slippery.
  • You should bring a thin jacket so that when you visit the foot of the waterfall, you will not get cold.
  • Food: Around Elephant waterfall, many delicious restaurants have reasonable prices. Like Com Viet restaurant, they sell delightful rice for only 25,000 VND to 30,000 VND for a full plate of rice. There is also a drink shop on the waterfall premises at a very reasonable price, famous for its iced coffee with milk. Here they also sell all kinds of goods to buy as gifts, such as exceptional roasted coffee, artichoke tea, cocoa powder, strawberry jam,...
  • At the entrance to the tourist area, there is an area selling souvenirs and brocade gifts, so you should visit if you like.
  • You should bring a camera to capture meaningful moments with friends and relatives.
  • Directions to Elephant Waterfall - Linh An Pagoda: From the center of Da Lat, go to February 3rd, follow Hoang Van Thu street to Van Thanh flower village. Go to Ta Nung Pass, then go another 25km to Nam Ban town. Elephant Waterfall will be on the right-hand side.

In what season of the year should you go to Elephant Waterfall in Dalat?

Coming here in the rainy season will be pretty dangerous because the road is full of moss, gravel, and slippery. Visitors should bring compact, handy umbrellas to use or cover their belongings to avoid getting wet. The best time to come to Elephant Waterfall is during the dry season from January to April and avoid the rainy season from May to September.

Let's explore Elephant waterfall

Visiting Elephant Waterfall will be a time for you to drop your soul into nature, trees, enjoy the fresh atmosphere, a place where you can shake off the worries and troubles of daily life. The soul becomes more relaxed and at ease.