A complete guide to exploring Dambri Waterfall

Photo by kichcaudulich

If you are a nature lover and an adventure seeker, Dambri Waterfall is a must when visiting Bảo Lộc city.

Dambri Waterfall is the natural wonder of Lâm Đồng province.

The enchanted beauty of Dambri Waterfall will surely blow you away. Photo by: luhanhvietnam.com

Dambri, the highest waterfall in Lâm Đồng province, known as one of the most charming cascades in the world, is located about 100 km from Đà Lạt city. The attraction is surrounded by a massive tropical forest with giant trees and bushes where you can enjoy strolling around and breathing in nature. The waterfall is part of a theme park, with many entertainment spots, an eatery, and an elevator built next to the waterfall that takes you down from the top. Offering majestic natural scenes, Dambri is a must-visit for all nature lovers.

  • Best time to visit: Any time of the year, but weekdays are preferable to avoid the crowds.
  • Opening hours: 7 AM - 5 PM
  • Ticket Fee: Full-service ticker is 250,000 VNĐ for adults and 100,000 VNĐ for children.

How to get there?

Dambri is about 18 km away from Bảo Lộc city. Photo by: bazantravel.com

Dambri is about 18 km from Bảo Lộc city, approximately half an hour's drive by car. From Hồ Chí Minh city, you can take a 5-hour bus to Bảo Lộc city, then from Bảo Lộc you can either head to Dambri by rental motorbike or taxi. It would take just 30 minutes more from there. For more information, you can refer to this route.

What to experience at Dambri Waterfall?

They are conquering the highest waterfall of Lâm Đồng.

The top activity to do is conquering the Dambri Waterfall. Photo by: dulichvietnam.com.vn

What could be more exciting than conquering the highest waterfall in Lâm Đồng province? To get to the top of Dambri Waterfall, there are three paths visitors can try. One way is to climb 138 concrete stairs to get to the top. Another way is taking the elevator or getting on the 1,650 m long alpine coaster. The recommended path for visitors is climbing through the forest to enjoy the beautiful scenes and the natural fresh air fully.

Experience Southeast Asia's longest mountain coaster.

Another fun activity at Dambri is taking the alpine coaster. Photo by: vietfuntravel.com.vn

If you are a fan of adventure games, you should experience the view of Dambri Waterfall from the alpine coaster. When sliding through the waterfall, you will feel like touching the white foam from the falling water. The modern coaster at Dambri Waterfall currently holds the record for the longest ride in Southeast Asia, with 1,650 m. Although the coaster is enjoyable, it's recommended not to try it if you have any health issues.

Explore the life of Châu Mạ villagers.

You can explore the life of Châu Mạ people at Dambri. Photo by: halotravel.vn 

Châu Mạ village is an exciting destination at Dambri Waterfall. Châu Mạ people living here are amicable and hospitable. Not only can visitors learn more about the culture and the daily life of Châu Mạ people, but they also can drink rượu cần or tube wine, a unique wine of highland people, and join the exciting and unique gong dances.  

Spend a night in the particular tree houses.

The unique treehouse at Dambri. Photo by: bazantravel.com 

Another unique experience you can try at Dambri is staying in the exceptional treehouse in the middle of the forest. These houses are made entirely of wood, which is very environmentally friendly. The interior is quite complete and comfortable. Each house leans against an old tree beside the forest's edge near the waterfalls.

These houses look like a small beautiful, peaceful village from afar. Each bungalow is about 3 meters off the ground, ensuring safety, and is also an ideal distance to admire the waterfall and the magical scenery. A two-person night in the treehouse costs 800,000 VND, including breakfast, coffee, and drinking water.

Exploring the primeval forest

The majestic primeval forest at Dambri. Photo by: dambri.com.vn

The surrounding area at Dambri Waterfall is about 330 hectares wide, of which the tourist area is about 40 hectares. The rest is dense and unspoiled primeval forest. The landscape in the woods is extraordinary, with lush green trees, blooming flowers, and winding streams. The significantly fresh air and chilly climate of Lâm Đồng province will make your journey more enjoyable.