10 best things to do in Quang Nam province

Hoi An ancient town. Photo by leasebyvin.com
Quang Nam Province is located next to Da Nang City, one among three destinations on the popular traveling route, which includes Hue, Da Nang, and Hoi An (Quang Nam). Especially, Hoi An ancient town is the spotlight of Quang Nam, besides there are many excited and relaxing things to do in this province. Let’s take a brief look at them to plan your next travel.

  1. Hoi An strolling & shop boutique souvenirs

Hoi An ancient town. Photo by @lamadeustx / Shutterstock

You shouldn't skip Hoi An once traveling to Quang Nam. Located only 30 km away from Da Nang international airport, you can rent a motorbike within the city or nearby the airport, then ride to the ancient town. Taxi and bus are also the available transportation to get to the place.

Once arrived, taking a slow walk or cycling around Hoi An is ideal to enjoy its tranquil atmosphere, and also to absorb as many beautiful scents as possible. Those are the aromas from the old houses, a warm cup of herbal tea, of Vietnamese coffee, the vendor dishes, of the burned candles, of the delicate silk, of the river, and the land.

Hoi An Port was once a destination on the legendary silk road. Thus, shopping for meticulous souvenirs while strolling the town is a shouldn’t skip experience.

Artisan silk is the shopping priority on the suggested list. Here are some of the best stores that offer the most splendid silk:

Metiseko Hoi An. Photo by Metiseko

Metiseko Hoi An

Address: 142 Tran Phu, Hoi An, Vietnam

Website: https://metiseko.com/

Hoi An Silk Village

Address: 28 Nguyen Tat Thanh, Hoi An, Vietnam

Website: http://www.hoiansilkvillage.com/

COTIC art space. Photo by COTIC art space

Apart from it, jewelry in Hoi An is also handmade, which makes them unique pieces. Some great places to shop for fine jewellery are:

  • Lotus Jewellery

Address: 82 Tran Phu, Hoi An, Vietnam

Website: https://www.lotusjewellery-hoian.com/

  • COTIC art space

Address: 60 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Hoi An, Vietnam

Website: https://www.facebook.com/COTIC-art-space-cafe-945403515470295/

  1. Enjoy your wellness time at the ancient town

Cocobana Tea Rooms & Garden. Photo by Cocobana Tea Rooms & Garden

Once decide to visit the ancient town, visitors don't only seek the nostalgia of the past, but also the slow time to enjoy themselves.

The first suggestion for relaxing your body and mind is to spend valuable time drinking your tea in the rustic and tranquil tea houses of Hoi An.

Here are the best ones that offer delicate teas and space:

  • Reaching Out Teahouse

Address: 131 Tran Phu, Hoi An, Vietnam

Opening hours: 9:15 a.m - 8:30 p.m

Website: https://www.facebook.com/reachingout.teahouse

  • Cocobana Tea Rooms & Garden

Address: 16 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Hoi An, Vietnam

Opening hours: 9 a.m - 5 p.m

Website: https://www.facebook.com/cocobanahoian/

Taking spa and yoga sessions is the second way to enjoy a wellness trip while you're in Hoi An. You can consider treating yourself to herbal therapy or a spa session among the best ones listed below:

  • Citrus Spa

Address: 180 Ly Thai To, Hoi An, Vietnam

Opening hours: 10 a.m - 9 p.m

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Citrusspahoian/

  • Nomady Yoga

Address: 22 Nguyen Du, Hoi An, Vietnam

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Nomadyogahoian/

  • Aum Yoga

Address: 220 Nguyen Duy Hieu, Cam Chau, Hoi An Vietnam

Website: https://aumyogavietnam.com/about-aum-yoga/

  1. Create your own food & cafe tour in Hoi An

Cao Lau dish in Hoi An. Photo by Best Price

The diverse and hearty local dishes of the land will amaze you at the very first moment. You can start your exploration of the local cuisine here by trying some signature dishes of Hoi An, such as Banh Mi (Vietnamese baguette), Cao Lau (Hoi An signature pork noodles), My Quang (Quang style noodle soup), and Com Ga (chicken rice).

Among those, Banh Mi Hoi An is known by the title “the world's best Banh Mi”, and here are some places to grab them:

  • Madam Khanh

Address: 115 Tran Cao Van, Hoi An, Vietnam

Opening hours: 6:30 a.m - 7:30 p.m

  • Banh Mi Phuong

Address: 2B Phan Chau Trinh, Hoi An, Vietnam

Opening hours: 6:30 a.m - 9:30 p.mm

Banh mi Phuong. Photo by Hidden Hoi An

Let’s complete your food tour with a feel-good cup of coffee. The special things about drinking coffee here are the bold flavor of traditional Vietnamese coffee and the unique ancient architecture design like no others. Here are some notable spaces that offer good coffee in Hoi An:

Phin Coffee Hoi An

Address: 132/7 Tran Phu, Hoi An, Vietnam

Opening hours: 8 a.m - 5 p.m

Website: https://www.phincoffeehoian.com/

Rosie’s Cafe

Address: 2 Mac Dinh Chi, Hoi An, Vietnam

Opening hours: Monday - Friday 9 a.m - 5 p.m and Saturday 8 a.m - 3 p.m. Closed on Sundays

Website: https://www.rosiecafe.com/

Hoi An Roastery

Address: 135 Tran Phu, Hoi An, Vietnam

Opening hours: 7:30 a.m - 5:30 p.m

Website: http://hoianroastery.com/

  1. Explore local fishing village life in Thanh Lam

Fisherman in Thanh Lam village. Photo by Dang Ke Cuong

Thanh Lam is a local fishing village beside the famous Cua Dai beach. It has the iconic landscape of a traditional Vietnamese beach village with a peaceful ambiance and vibrant activities of the locals. Visitors come here to enjoy the scenery, attend local activities and also buy or eat the freshest seafood in Thanh Lam.

To reach this village, you can travel alongside Cua Dai port on a ferry or have to travel quite a distance on land via the highway. You can explore Thanh Lam by yourself or book a day tour. You will be picked up in the early morning and returned to Hoi An in the late afternoon.  

  1. Tra Que Village's farming and cooking experience

Cooking class at Red Bridge Restaurant. Photo by Red Bridge Restaurant

Besides the fishing village, a traditional farming village, Tra Que, is also worth visiting!

The village has a long history of cultivating herbs. There's a tale that since the 18th century, a Nguyen king came by this place, recognized the pleasant scent of the herb grown in the village, then named the place “Tra Que” which means “tea & cinnamon” in Vietnamese. Coming here, visitors can go cycling around the area, try the local cultivating process, and eat delicious meals prepared with herbs grown in their yard. Besides, local cooking classes are available for those who want to explore Quang Nam’s cuisine, especially Banh Xeo (Vietnamese pancake) and Mi Quang (Quang style noodle soup).

  1. Beach time in An Bang

An Bang beach. Photo by La Siesta Resort

An Bang beach locates 25-minute cycling or ten-minute driving away from the central town of Hoi An. This place was listed as one of the most remarkable unspoiled beaches in Vietnam. Sunbathing on the silky white beach, dipping yourself in crystal clear water of the sea, or hiking the mountain beside the beach are free activities that you can enjoy here. Besides, this place offers nice resorts and additional services such as bars, and restaurants. For those who want a more vibrant atmosphere, activities such as kayaking, canoeing, parasailing, water-skiing, and jet skiing are also available.

  1. Visit My Son Sanctuary

My Son Sanctuary. Photo by Steve Douglas/ Unsplash

This place was once the spiritual center of the Champa Kingdom in the 14th and 15th centuries. The Cham people, the creators of this relict, are closely related to the Malaysian ethnic group and used to take up the majority of Muslims in Cambodia and Vietnam. The complex consisted of 70 structures; however, only 25 remained. Still, this place is an important cultural and historical spot for those interested in the time-value of the land.

  1. Behold the East Sea and the central coastland from Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass from above. Photo by Vntrip.com

From the peak of the Bach Ma Mountains, the most majestic view in Vietnam will stretch endlessly in front of your eyes. This pass is the pathway to get through Bach Ma mountain, the connecting point between Hue and Da Nang city. People usually take the tunnel to shorten the traveling distance between the two cities. However, traveling via pass offers the irreplaceable experience of seeing a magnificent natural wonder.

The best way to enjoy the scenery is by riding motorbikes. This vehicle allows you to stop on the way to take pictures of the land, or just to breathe the fresh mountain air and watch the coastline in awe.  

  1. Explore Cu Lao Cham Island

Cu Lao Cham island. Photo by Motogo.com

Recognized by UNESCO in 2009 as a World Biosphere Reserve, once coming to Quang Nam province, Cu Lao Cham or Cham island is an unskippable place to visit for nature lovers.

Among the eight islands of Cu Lao Cham, Hon Lao is the only habitable one, while the rest are small islands covered mainly by rocky mountains. The main island is 20km off the coast of Hoi An and can only access by speedboats or market boats.

Cham island is perfect for swimming, sunbathing, scuba diving, trekking, and camping. However, you can find hotels and homestays and full services on the main island.

  1. Visit amusement parks

Ba Na Hill. Photo by vietnamonline.com

For tourists who seek entertainment, some places across Quang Nam can offer exciting ones, such as Ba Na Hill, Vinwonder Nam Hoi An, and Hoi An impression theme park. Those places require an entry fee, and each of them hosts a different theme of activities and events. You can find out more about these parks via the links below:

Ba Na Hill:


Vinwonder Nam Hoi An


Hoi An impression theme park


With the list of things to do in Quang Nam province, hope that you will have some clues to plan your trip to this lovely place!