07 hidden coffee shops for book lovers in Saigon

Perhaps, coffee is what best represents all of the culture and lifestyles of the modern people here in Saigon.

Dabao Concept. Photo by Bloganchoi

Perhaps, coffee is what best represents all of the culture and lifestyles of the modern people here in Saigon.

Finding a place to drink is a breeze in this coffee-loving city. But what if you want to find someplace special, somewhere that might be hidden perhaps? If you’re eager to explore some unique spaces to spend your leisure time in this busy city. Here are five hidden coffee shops that we got when we asked our friends. Let’s see what the Saigonese say.

Dabao Concept

A nostalgia feel that seems rare amidst this hustle city. Photo by ivivu.vn

Dabao Concept is a very peaceful cafe located in Tu Xuong street nestled in a peaceful alley, a quaint district 1 Café where you can read books under a tree. This coffee shop looks like a work of art with the meticulousness of the designer creating the architecture and passion for the old culture of the nation, Hue Ancient Capital. Next time you are here, choose a root to sip a cup of coffee with your favorite book.

The Fig Cafe

If you’re dreaming of a relaxing morning, sipping a cup of coffee, The Fig Cafe is the ideal to spend the start of your day.

Outdoor ambiance. Photo by The Fig Saigon Facebook Page.

This cozy yet unique cafe embraces Thai style. The accomplished contemporary Asian design seen inside and out is simply admirable. Inside, the space is blended with modern and traditional vibes: tiled floors, soft seats, fancy lanterns, and contemporary furniture.

Outside, the views include a green garden on a wooden deck around a pond with a contemplative-looking statue of Buddha in the middle. The greenery gives the shop a refreshing scent, which is perfect for laid-back days enjoying nature and finding the balance in our deeper selves.

Outdoor ambiance. Photo by The Fig Saigon Facebook Page.

What we love the most about this place is the playlist: exotic and unpredictable. The playlist’s songs range from minstrel songs to sitar to new age.

The Fig offers a wide range of drinks and dining options. It’s also worth trying one with the tasty and inventive desserts here, many of which are a kind of Vietnamese-Western fusion dish.

Ban cafe

A secret shelter for "bookworms". Photo by Ban cafe FaceBook Page

Located on Le Loi Street, District 1, City. In Ho Chi Minh City, Ban Cafe is decorated simply but no less delicately and romantically. The shop is suitable for those who want to find a quiet and airy space to study and work.

An ideal ambiance that lets you finish the final pages of your new book. Photo by Ban Cafe Facebook Page.

In particular, the shop has a massive bookcase with a variety of books collected by the owner himself. Visitors to the shop can comfortably read books on the spot, relax and entertain. The shop is open until 5 am, so you can also experience interesting "sleepless nights" when visiting this place.

Nho Coffee

Tucked away down a tight alley off Le Van Sy Street, this pleasant Saigon cafe simply won’t disappoint.

Only a short walk from the crowded shopping street, Nho Coffee is a quiet oasis. Although located on one of the major shopping streets of Ho Chi Minh City, it’s hard to find if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

The furniture also fits the retro theme, all reflecting an old-timey charm. Photo by Nho Cafe Facebook Page

Though Nho Coffee doesn’t look too grand from the outside, Inside the interior is complete with simple yet dark decor, both vintage and modern. It lends a mixed feeling to this cafeteria.

You’ll see all sorts of customers at Nho coffee, especially artists and designers who seek their creative inspiration. Nho also gives its retro vibe through a playlist of classic Vietnamese tracks. If you don’t know what to enjoy, order a cup of cà phê sữa đá and let your soul vibe with the music.

Soo Cafe

Photo by Soo Cafe Facebook Page

Located on Phan Chu Trinh Street, District 1, The Soo Cafe has become an ideal stop for bookworms looking for a quiet space to work more efficiently.

The giant bookshelf with warm tones, displaying many good and precious books is also a special highlight of the shop. Visitors can comfortably read books, research the information they need without worrying about being disturbed or disturbed by anyone.

Bang Khuang Cafe

Bang Khuang cafe locates on the second floor of an old apartment block in the heart of Saigon, Just a few steps away from Ho Chi Minh City’s iconic Opera house.

In Vietnamese, “bâng khuâng” means nostalgia, an emotion that calls to mind a warm and pleasant feeling. It’s relatively quiet, smoke-free, and bathed in natural light with tall and open ceilings, and features a cool retro space with special decor.

hidden cofee
Image source: image.thanhnien.vn

Paintings, bicycles, plant baskets hung on the wall are randomly arranged, which lend a familiar feel like visiting a close friend’s home. Interestingly, the cuckoo sound will sound whenever someone pushes the door in.

Coffee lovers would definitely be impressed by the Central Highland beans offered here. Bang Khuang Cafe is a perfect stop for usual hangs with friends and or just curling up with a book.

The cafe is on a one-way street so it’s a bit inconvenient. Parking is free but just keep in mind to get the parking ticket from the cashier before leaving.

She Cafe

This hidden gem is tucked into an old apartment building in Pasteur street. Photo source: media.giadinhmoi.vn

With its slogan "Coffee for Ladies", She cafe is set with a modernist concept. The space inside is quite dark and cozy, and the wall showcases lots of large prints of important, beautiful women all over the world like Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie, and Julia Roberts.

She Cafe is a cool, relaxed, and posh cafe. Each corner was beautifully decorated with flowers. So if you looking for a space separated from the outer world, go here. She Cafe is perfect to visit in the morning when it is still sunny outside. You can choose this hidden coffee shop to rest, work, enjoy social media or simply enjoy a book.

The beverages are generally good. Everything is carefully prepared. The other great part of this coffee shop is that every weekend, there will be random group meetings. So if you’re seeking new networking opportunities, we recommend She Cafe.