03 best mountain retreats in Vietnam

Venturing into the mountains is an ideal way to escape the city life's hustle and bustle scene or simply from a whirlwind of the hot sunny days during summer.

Infinity swimming pool. Photo by Avana Retreat

Venturing into the mountains is an ideal way to escape the city life's hustle and bustle scene or simply from a whirlwind of the hot sunny days during summer. To help you plan for your perfect weekend getaway, we narrow down the  3  best mountain retreats to visit when you travel to Vietnam in 2022!

Avana Retreat - Best Mountain Retreat

A Panoramic view of Avana in the early days of plum blossom season. Photo by Avana Retreat.
  • 📍 Pạnh village, Mai Chau District, Hoa Binh Province, Vietnam
  • ⏱ Perfect time: January to April (floral season), August to October (rice growing season)
  • 👍🏻 Recommended activities: hiking, fishing, attending cultural classes
  • 💲 8.000.000 VND to 28.000.000 VND
Plum blossoms in Avana. Photo by VnExpress.

Ranked as Asia’s leading retreat in 2021, Avana comprises 36 villas perching on the mountainside, with a breathtaking waterfall, paddy fields, and dense foliage as a backdrop.  sole commitment to the environment, embraces the beauty of nature, especially the waterfall, which was preserved and revitalized in its initial state.

The Villas’ designs infuse traditional vibes of stilt houses with earth-wall, weaved rattan ceilings, and roofs covered with palm leaves. Things we love about this place is that it pays great attention to the environment, with recycled materials. You won’t find any plastic here, making Avana the best mountain retreat in Vietnam for environment-conscious travelers.

One of the infinity swimming pools. Photo by Avana Retreat.

There are several exclusive spots I would rather recommend arethe traditional Thai stilt house where  “Chưng” cake-making classes (a Vietnamese traditional dish) are available on special occasions; infinity pools—that offers jaw-dropping views of nearby mountain and afternoon tea party; or the highest bungalow—where you will be emersed with rice fields and seasonal blossoms breathtaking views.

Additionally, there are on-site activities like egg collecting, duck feeding, fishing, Thai dances, and outdoor cinema, and outdoor activities like morning hiking, mountain trekking, Jeep tour, and Hmong craft village exploring. Except for the hiking tour, all activities operateprivately to guarantee you the true vibes of a mountain retreat.

Dining at the restaurant. Photo by Avana Retreat.

Avana embeds the characteristics of the highland climate so the weather is always pleasant and chilling, cool in summer, and warm in winter. From Hanoi, you can travel to Avana by booking a ticket from limousine services as this mountain retreat is quite isolated from the center.

Inside a villa in Avana. Photo by Avana Retreat.

With its relaxing ambiance and focus on sustainability, Avana is the best mountain retreat in Vietnam to enjoy the unique beauty of nature and explore cultural activities all year round.

Legacy Yen Tu - Best Affordable Mountain Retreat

A panoramic view of Legacy Yen Tu. Photo by Accor.
  • 📍 Thượng Yên Công Commune, Uông Bí, Quảng Ninh Province, Vietnam
  • ⏱ Perfect time: January to March
  • 🚴🏻‍♀️ Recommended activities: hiking, taking yoga classes, taking meditation classes, riding horses
  • 💸 2.400.000 VND to 7.000.000 VND
The outdoor space of the bar. Photo by Accor.

Legacy Yen Tu is the most unique mountain retreat in Vietnam, for it holds significant tribute to Vietnam’s oldest and most valuable cultures. Rarely do visitors have the opportunity to witness Vietnamese cultures in their most intact forms while experiencing vacations to the fullest.

Destination for riding horses in Legacy Yen Tu. Photo by Accor.

Located in Quang Ninh province, you can drive to Legacy Yen Tu from Hanoi which makes the trip cost-effective and easily planned. This retreat in Vietnam is composed of various structures and subdivisions, all of which represent the meticulous and fascinating architects of ancient times.

Inside a suite in Legacy Yen Tu. Photo by Accor.

History is the most interesting aspect to explore when you travel to Vietnam and Legacy Yen Tu offers you a chance to relive one of the most glorious times in our culture. Most of the designs inspires the arts of the Tran dynasty, such as lotus flowers and orange burlap. Hide among the ranges of the “Holy Mountain”, stepping into Legacy Yen Tu means you might have reached the realm of peacefulness; and it is the most distinctive feature of the retreat.

People can visit Yen Tu for many reasons: exploring vacations, but the “ancient palace” with its exclusive design would bring everyone to a state of calm in their minds, through the winds, the sites, and the rooms. Also, the no-televisions-installed design purposefully brings about the most natural atmosphere, even though it is a rather special detachment from the “modern” lifestyle.

The reception hall. Photo by Accor.

There are various activities suitable for families and wanderlust explorers like taking the cable car to the highest peak of Yen Tu Mountain; attending weekly yoga classes in the Am Tue Tinh Wellness Centre, and digging deeper into the hands-on experience of cultures and antique ceramics sighting in the northern villages.

Topas Ecolodge - Best Mountain Retreat with breathtaking views

Blossom time in Topas Ecolodge. Photo by Topas Ecolodge
  • 📍 24 Muong Hoa, Sa Pa
  • ⏱ Perfect time: all year round
  • 🚴🏻‍♀️ Recommended activities: swimming, enjoying the spa, hiking, trailing
  • 💸 7.000.000 VND to 20.000.000 VND
A view from the infinity swimming pool. Photo by Topas Ecolodge.

Voted as the best place to go if you care about Earth, Topas Ecolodge mountain retreat is a hidden treasure in an awe-inspiring Sapa valley. Inspired by vintage bungalow designs, it withholds the exclusive charm of Northern Vietnam: its scenic landscape, fresh atmosphere, and ethnic minorities.

Especially, 41 rustic mountain bungalows are designed out of local white granite in a Scandinavian style, making room for the main character, the magnificent beauty of nature to stand out. It feels like you are stepping into a fairy tale the moment you arrive at this mountain retreat.

Around Topas Ecolodge. Photo by Topas Ecolodge.

The most notable attraction is two infinity swimming pools which were ranked as one of the best resort pools for their distinctive view of mountains ranging to infinity and bungalows peeking through the enchanting smog. Moreover, you can indulge yourself in spas, massage services, and free mountain bikes.

Sunset at Topas Ecolodge. Photo by Topas Ecolodge.

You can travel to Sapa by coach from Hanoi and grab a taxi to Topas Ecolodge. However, the optimal method would be to book a limousine that can take you to the mountain retreat. Sapa has always been famous for its comfortable weather and eccentric flowers. Thus, you should plan your getaway . The price ranges from 7.000.000 VND to 20.000.000 VND