The best Cu Chi Tunnels Tours to learn about Vietnam War

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Imagine spending your days living in underground tunnels and only being able to come out at night when the sun sets - that is what the people of Cu Chi did nearly 50 years ago during the Vietnam War.

This underground maze played a vital role in the Viet Cong's resistance against the American forces. It was not only used as a place to hide but also as makeshift hospitals, kitchens, and living quarters.

Before the war, Cu Chi was fertile with abundant forest and tropical fruits. After suffering from chemical poisons, napalms, and B-52 bombs, the region turned into a vast, empty field full of ashes, but the brave local people stayed to fight for their freedom. They built an underground fishbone system to hide and connect houses and villages. On the surface, countless traps and mines were placed, making it hazardous for the Americans to come near. Are you curious about how the Viet Cong soldiers got around? Save that question for your local guide on our incredible tour!

A journey back in time to the Vietnam War

If you have always been curious about the guerrilla fighting strategy, there is no better place to witness their tactics than Cu Chi. Did you know that Cu Chi Tunnels are consistently among the top three most-visited attractions in Ho Chi Minh City? Indeed, it is a great place to learn about the site's history, which is considered vital to the result of the Vietnam War.

Think of Cu Chi Tunnels as a historical park. History buffs would be thrilled just by wandering around and reading the descriptions. What if you want to have meaningful conversations or more insights from a local perspective? What if you desperately wish for that trip that does not take you to souvenir shops? What if you don't have time to spend on research but still want to make the best out of your time here?

This is why we are here.

Explore the underground maze.

During the Vietnam War, people built a unique system to pump air into their living, breathing, and cooking tunnels! You will experience the extensive, complicated underground network Cu Chi is famous for. The original length of this network is about 250-kilometer, stretching to the Cambodian border.

Now, a portion of 100-meter length is open for visitors who want a glimpse of life underground. Channel your inner warrior and conquer this underground maze as fast as possible! Crawl, jump, wriggle: do whatever it takes to help you survive.

Guerrilla fighting in action!

Thrilling activities on the ground will also impress you as a fun and educational experience. You can watch a documentary film that served as a quick introduction to the Cu Chi Tunnels. There are exhibitions of the booby traps, tanks, and weapons used during the war. Eye-opening is what travelers usually say as they watch our local guide show them how the traps work.

Next, you can also see simulations of shoe-making and weapon-making processes. For those who feel more adventurous, head to the shooting range where you can fire real AK47, M16 rifles, or M60 machine guns! Take a quick rest and enjoy the taste of Cu Chi's specialty dish, 'tapioca with sesame salt' and a hot cup of tea.

Is it worth it?
Two of the most common concerns about taking a Cu Chi Tunnels tour are touristy shops and inattentive local guides. Those who choose to take the trip alone will have to bear the logistics of arranging a car or taking the 3-hour-long bus.

Traveling should not put you in a dilemma between two unfavorable options. With Inspitrip, you can sit back and enjoy a pleasant ride in air-conditioned cars. Thoughtful itineraries were designed to maximize your experience, such as the combo tour that includes a visit to the famous Napalm Girl village.

Satisfy your curiosity now! Most importantly, our local guides are Vietnam War veterans and history experts who can bring tremendous value to your trip. Feel free to ask them questions and expect meaningful answers in return.

Frequently asked questions

Are Cu Chi Tunnels worth a visit?

Totally! The Cu Chi Tunnels will give you a lot of insight and knowledge about the Vietnam War because several military campaigns took place here. History buffs will also be delighted with all the incredible facts told from a local's perspective.

For the simply curious souls, there are documentary films, shooting, exhibitions of weapons and booby traps, underground mazes, and countless other activities. All are even suitable for children.

When is the best time to visit

Good news! The Cu Chi Tunnels are best visited all year round! It is the most crowded in the afternoon. You can pick a flexible departure time for a private tour to avoid the tourists. However, be careful on rainy days as the tunnels can get a bit muddy.

Can I visit Cu Chi Tunnels by myself?

Yes, for sure. Cu Chi Tunnels are a history theme park where you can walk around and discover it yourself. It is located about 40 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City and takes about an hour and a half to get there by car. You can also take a local bus, but it would take about three hours to get there.

You can experience the tunnels in two places: Ben Duoc and Ben Dinh. Ben Duoc is further from Ho Chi Minh City and tailored for local tourists. Ben Dinh is closer to Ho Chi Minh City, and the tunnels have been enlarged for international tourists. Please make sure that you know which tunnels you want to visit.

The easiest way to explore these tunnels is to select one of our many experiences. A highly knowledgeable guide, either a Vietnam War veteran or a history expert, will provide you with invaluable insights. Why hesitate to book with us if you are more interested in understanding the historical background rather than merely looking at displays? Transportation, entrance fees, and other logistics will all be taken care of.

How long is the trip

A one-way trip takes about an hour and a half from the city center. People usually stay in the tunnels for about two to three hours. The total duration of the trip, including travel time there, is about six hours. The journey can take eight to nine hours if you travel by bus, depending on traffic and the bus schedule.

Is there anything I need to know before visiting?

You can research the Vietnam War and the role of Cu Chi Tunnels in the war before the trip. That way, you can make the most of your discussion with your local guide. Most importantly, be open-minded and ready for an adventure! Wear comfortable clothes to crawl into the underground tunnels and insect repellent.

15 things you need to know before your trip

15 things you need to know about Cu Chi Tunnels
Cu Chi Tunnels are among the top 7 most exotic destinations in Southeast Asiaand are listed as one of the world’s coolest places by The New York Time. Cu Chiis located on the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City, about 70km from the city. Thistunnel is